It’s quite fascinating, but the internet has become a trendsetter for a vast majority of nonprofits who wish to raise funds, and the good news is, many tools online provide this opportunity. Now, nonprofits can take advantage of powerful tools, and through donation forms, from web-hosted services, this allows customization and simple creation of forms that fully integrate and provide secure donation options.

Based on a recent survey, over 55.5 million people make donations, this totaling over $7.5 billion dollars, and the figures keep rising higher.  The thing is if you choose to work for a nonprofit, it’s a great challenge to manage the efforts of fundraising without the right tool.

The first issue is having un-integrated data, where you can’t manage the information of the donor, and you have no other way to inform others about your fundraising efforts. Secondly, if you lack a proper tool, this will give you messy data. With a tool, you can automate the process, and keep no room for possible errors.

Donorbox is an example of such software, which helps to automate the process, centralizes data, and makes it easier for nonprofits to accept the donation, and establish better relationships with their fundraising efforts.

What are Donation Forms for Nonprofits?

This is actually a cool thing. A donation form online will allow your nonprofit organization to accept numerous donations through a single web-based portal. In common cases, a donor will first access the donation form on the website of your nonprofit organization. To add a form for a donation online to your website, you will need help from the donation software to simplify the process.

How Donation Forms Help Nonprofits

The most noticeable advantage is that online donation forms for nonprofits help to make taking donations a super-quick process, where it takes prospective donors to make a donation in less than two minutes. In addition, they are versatile, meaning you can embed the donation form into any email and website. It is also customizable, which means you can customize the form in any way that is suitable for you and your business. Such forms are also GDPR friendly, which means they are compliant with the GDPR regulations. In addition, they help to ensure that all transactions remain secure and the TLS technology protects them.

Reach a Broader Audience

Along with the above-mentioned advantages, a good thing about accepting donations online is that it helps to increase the chances of your nonprofit getting more donations since you are providing donors with more opportunities to give.

With more options in donations, your nonprofit business could expand with your donor base, since new donors will enjoy the fact that the process is easier.

Collect the Information of the Donor

Donation forms online make it a lot easier for non-profits to collect the data of donors. When the software integrates with your organization, the information you gather during the process will filter back into the main database.

Once you have the date, you gather information about your donors and learn about their giving channel. With a good understanding of your donors, you will be able to design the best fundraising strategies keeping the donors in mind.