Nearly every prospective buyer is bound to ask himself this question. It’s only natural; after all, which buyer wants to opt for a process that could cost him more. And that’s why he may need to ask himself the following questions, from whether he can afford to ignore facts to what it could cost him, a few months down the road if he fails to get his prospective home inspected by a professional. A home inspection by a professional should not cost more than $500 and it is not a cumbersome process nor one that the buyer would find irksome as well. Here are some of the reasons why it pays to get your new home inspected, well before the actual purchase.


When it comes to a home inspector in Waterville, you will find that a professional and certified inspector should not take longer than four to six hours at most. A home inspector, a licensed and certified one at that, would only need so long to inspect a 2000 square feet property thoroughly. He can inspect the same for flaws, damage and make a notation of the same. It should be pointed out that if the inspector wraps up the inspection quickly, then he did not take that close a look, as you would like. And that’s why you need to hire a real professional rather than the first person to walk in through the door.

What does it include?

If you were to ask ten different homeowners, you are bound to get varying replies. But when it comes to a home inspector in Waterville, and the home inspection in general, it will be a detailed overview of the four major systems of the house such as HVAC, Roofing, plumbing, and electrical. This is what the home inspection would be about and what the inspector would focus on. And that is why you need to specifically request the inspector for add-ons, and naturally, the inspector would charge you more for the same.


One of the biggest issues, as far as home inspections are concerned, happens to be water. And that is why most inspectors tend to keep their eyes peeled for water stains, signs of water leaks, standing water, water stagnation, leaking pipes and faucets, and more. Often, plumbing issues are a headache to repair and can be quite expensive to handle. And that’s why water leaks often turn out to be a deal-breaker in most cases.

Condition of the roof

When it comes to the roof, it may surprise you to know that the home inspector would visually inspect the roof, and will evaluate the same other than point out if anything is good or bad with the same. That sounds like a tad of an overstretch but it happens to be the case. And that does not apply just to the roof but to the whole residence, as the inspector is there to flag if there is a problem that needs to be handled right away, that’s it.

So if you are cribbing about the cost of a home inspection on top of everything else, you may want to reconsider it. A home inspection is more than a necessity these days, given the pandemic.

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