Leaving your homeland and settling somewhere else is never an easy thing to do. But sometimes you have to do so for studies, a better future, your family, or sometimes for the safety of your life. If you are living in a developing country, then there is a possibility that you might not have all those establishments there which you can have in a developed country.

Looking for a better future is the right of everyone. If you feel that you have better business opportunities, better working chances, and better resources to brighten your future in some other country than your own, then you should immigrate there to avail yourself of those opportunities.

But immigration is a time taking process. You have to follow the different laws. You have to live according to the immigration laws in Sweden if you are moving there. The same is applicable to other countries as well. Wherever you are going after migration, you have to change yourself according to that place’s laws.

After migration to another country, the first thing you will wish to do is to get citizenship in that country. But getting citizenship is not that straightforward. You have to pass an immigration test for that purpose. Only those people who can clear this test can get citizenship of that country.

First, you should know about the things that can be part of this immigration test and after that, you can have an idea about the percentage of people who can clear this test. Following are some basic things about immigration certificates.

Negative COVID 19 Test

This was not part of immigration if you look 2 to 3 years back. The reason is obvious and is known by everyone in this world behind this test. Due to the corona pandemic that has covered the whole world and at one time limited the people to their homes. So at the moment, every government is trying to eliminate this virus from its country.

In such circumstances, the entry of a person who is a patient of coronavirus can increase their problem as this virus is of different types in different regions of the world. So no one will wish to fight with two types of the same virus. The person who is tested positive for corona cannot even travel to another country, thinking about an immigration certificate is just a foolish thing.

Language Test

For most countries, a language test is also taken during the citizenship test. No matter how many languages you can speak and write with proficiency, you should know the national language of that country to pass the test. This is not a big deal in the United States as English is an international language and by clearing its test you can get immigrated there.

But when you are trying to get a residency permit in Sweden after immigrating there, then things might become a little bit tougher for you as the Swedish language is necessary for that purpose. So you should learn it completely for immigrating there.

Some Basic Questions

You have to answer some basic questions as well during the immigration test. These questions are mostly regarding the national information of the country. You have to answer the questions about the national anthem, ministers and king of the country, and major government officers.

These questions can also be regarding the achievements the country has got in several games and competitions. You must have proper information about major popular personalities of that country. Knowledge about different events and festivals is also helpful as some questions can also be asked about them.


In 2020, about 91 percent of the people who applied for immigration in the United States had cleared the test. In the United Kingdom, about 9.3 million people have cleared the test and are living as immigrants. This is about 14 percent of their total population. This clearly shows that it’s not exactly very difficult to clear the test.

After knowing about the basic things that are part of an immigration test, you can understand that it’s not that tough to pass this test. Once you are able to clear this test with perfection you can get a residence permit in Sweden or any other country of your choice.

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