Plastic surgery is strenuous on your body and it will have effects you will have to deal with when recovering after. Depending on what kind of plastic surgery you just had, it can take you a couple of weeks to recover. However, it does not mean that you should lie around doing nothing because it will slowly lead you to get too comfortable and to get less active.


Follow Orders From Your Doctor

After surgery be sure to follow what your doctor says to the point, otherwise you are in the risk of doing something that could lead you back to the surgery room. As soon as you notice something out of the ordinary be sure to call in the doctor to see how to go from there. In the first couple of weeks try to keep activities to a bare minimum to avoid accidentally injuring yourself. Moreover, follow the orders to make sure everything is going as planned, and that your body is healing up.

Expect Pain and Give It Time

Do not expect miraculous recoveries and be prepared that some procedures can be painful after surgery. Though, it only means that you should research beforehand not to get surprised once you come out of the surgery room. Bear in mind that you should take it easy and gradually start doing some housework to get used to daily events and activities again. Patience will be your best friend for the time being, as you will have to go slow with some things not to overburden yourself.

Wait for the Swelling Go Down

In general, you need about three weeks to recover from most plastic surgeries, to be able to start doing more demanding work. As soon as you notice that the swelling is going down you are basically free to start moving around more. Nevertheless, be sure not to go overboard and not to do too strenuous work, as it could lead to getting hurt. Even when the swelling went down, you should not rush into doing heavy lifting immediately, rather, go step by step.

Doing Exercise Is Alright?

You should try to go with light exercise right after surgery because being out of it for a few weeks might have some negative effects. Furthermore, there is no golden rule related to how long you should wait before exercise, but, it is best to do it after at least six weeks have passed. Remember to go slow and not to jump right back into what you were doing before. Ask your trainer to give you advice on how to get back to exercise without injuring yourself.

Get the Right Medication

You need to ensure that you go through what kind of medication you will need once you come out of surgery. Not only will it help you have everything nearby, but, you will be able to minimize the need to move around unnecessarily for too much. You should get medical supplies from trusted sources only to avoid having to deal with authorities later on, and to rest assured that everything is under control. Furthermore, talk it over with your doctor to know what kind of medication you will need and how you can get them. Some will be more expensive than others, which is why you need to set a budget for it.


Try to give plenty of time to yourself to heal up without any problems and that you can be able to return to your normal life with no complications. In essence, you will have to wait a between five to six weeks to recover fully and to be able to return to exercise and everyday stress. Though, remember to take it slow and to make sure that you will not over force yourself as it could have devastating effects and you will need to go to surgery yet again.