In winter lips get chapped and look terrible. Especially in this season, every person uses lip balms just to keep their lips moisturised and in better condition. With time passing, lip balm has become quite a popular cosmetic item. Every cosmetic brand is introducing its lip balm collection. The competition is getting higher and every company tries their best marketing technique so their product will look distinctive than others. The real competition begins when we place our product in a brick and mortar selling business. So, if you thinking of introducing your lip balm product then you’ll have to work a little harder. Customer judges your product from its packaging and it is on the point then there is no chance that they won’t buy your product. The lip balm display packaging boxes are the best example of presenting your product in the finest way.


How you can improve the marketing of your product by lip balm display packaging boxes?

It is quite obvious that if any new way of marketing gets introduced in the market then it will gain popularity and every company will try to get hands-on on that trend. But you have to be unique and you must try something new and better than others. Here are a few tips that might help you in designing your lip balm display packaging boxes perfectly:


Better designing

The designing options you get in custom packaging are just awesome because you can do anything and design the packaging for your product the way you like. You can get the latest spot UV, embossing, foiling, etc. on your packaging. You must add graphics and most importantly your logo. Customers remember your product by your logo so never forget putting it out there.


Universal look

You don’t have to discriminate your lip balm between genders. Men and women both will use your product so you must design it in a universal shade like they don’t have to be completely feminine or masculine. Because if you will add too many feminine shades then a man won’t buy it and vice versa. So whenever you design packaging you have to think that how your packaging will attract both genders towards it.


Provide information

If you are introducing fruit-flavored lip balms then try to add the color of that fruit so the customer doesn’t have to open it all the way and check the flavor. For example, if the lip balm is of lemon flavor then you must add yellow shade and if it is orange flavor then definitely put orange shade on the packaging. It will help the customer decide which flavor they want to buy instantly.


How custom display packaging boxes are a better option?

Here are the top 3 three reasons why custom lip balm display packaging boxes are the smart choice if you are willing to introduce your product in the market:


Economical marketing

Most of the time when we start up a new business, we use different mediums for its marketing but when you use custom packaging you don’t have to look for any other marketing platform. You just have to work on the design so wherever the seller places your product on the shelf it must stand out, look different than others, and draws customers’ attention towards it. It is the most economical marketing technique that you can use if you know how to in the right way.


Affordable packaging

Try to save money in every possible way when you start a new business or just experimenting with something new. You can save money from the packaging of your product by using custom packaging. The material of this packaging will be Kraft that we get from wood pulp. It isn’t expensive at all. So you can save money ordering lip balm display packaging boxes in bulk because that’s how you might get a discounted rate.


Eco-friendly packaging

The only thing that our youth must think about is climate change and global warming. The environmental condition is getting worse day by day because of different human activities. Products packaging plays a huge role in polluting the environment because non-biodegradable and non-recyclable packaging is the main cause of solid waste that indirectly pollutes the environment. But when you switch your packaging from non-biodegradable one to biodegradable and use custom packaging made up of Kraft material might help in raising your sales percentage. People like to buy eco-friendly packaged products nowadays.



Now you know the facts and benefits you get from using lip balm display boxes. Well, you can design the shape of the display box according to the shape of your product. You might want to use a window cut designed display box so the customer might be able to peek into the product’s box.