There would possibly be no one in the world who would not agree with the fact that holidays bring back all the thrill and excitement in life. Apart from that, there are numerous other tangible benefits that weekend getaways can subject you to. Escaping to a short weekend can bring you several health benefits.

It can indeed be difficult to go on a full-fledged and well-planned holiday but weekend getaways make the best options for short but much-needed breaks. One can accumulate leaves and use them for a weekend getaway of 2-3 days. There are several eco-tour packages near Delhi that can help city dwellers rejuvenate post the week-long toiling schedule.

So, how can weekend getaways actually be beneficial for your health?

The benefits of weekend getaways are many. Research shows that taking time off for even a short weekend getaway could lead to potentially reduced stress levels, depression and mood swings. It also helps you to cope better at work and increases the level of concentrations.

If you have a limited budget or are pressed for time, you can opt for best picnic spots in Delhi. There are several weekend getaway organizers that provide customized weekend packages. And, you would not need to spend on expensive hotels or flight.

These packages cost as low as INR 1400/ person for a day-long getaway and INR 2000-3000/ person for an overnight stay depending on the number of activities you wish to include in the package.

These packages include a mix of rural, urban and adventure activities. Below are the types of activities you can look out for:

Rural activities and sports:

These activities are sure to remind you of your long forgotten roots:

Gilli Danda, Kite flying, Kanchey goli, Gitthu Stapu, Kanche Goli, Sack Race, Kho Kho, Rassa Kassi, etc.

Rural activities and sports:

These activities will ensure that you do not miss out on the fun of being on a city vacation:

Cricket, basketball, badminton, dart, ring throw, football, volleyball, etc.

Activities under the save nature initiative:

These eco-tour packages near Delhi also have enough to offer to the nature lovers:

Solar Light, Vermi Compost, Gowshala, Bio Gas, Boonga, Organic Farming and Drip Irrigation.

Adventure sports activities:

These activities promise enough thrill to the young at heart:

Body zorbing, ATV, Zip Line, Tyre Climbing and Paddle boating.

Apart from these activities, a few of the best picnic spots also provide luxurious accommodation options such as Swiss-house tents and eco-mud cottages. These tents have beautifully designed ethnic interiors that are made up of premium quality canvas. These accommodation options are accompanied with luxury facilities such as double beds, LED TVs, air conditioners, lockers, modern bathrooms, private patios etc. Also, these tents have secured room key access.

These eco-tour packages near Delhi also provide meal options apart from the accommodation services. They prepare fresh meals out of ingredients that are hand-picked. The meal options are sure to make your weekend getaway experience more fun and relaxing. These packages provide buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner along with evening snacks in the meal options.

One can visit these best picnic spots along or take along their friends, family or colleagues. Catching up with friends and relatives is sure to provide you a sense of social satisfaction and security.  Taking your colleagues along will help you in building a stronger team and it will also act a great tool for employee retention.

These best picnic spots are designed to promote rural tourism. However, they make sure you do not miss home and offer a perfect congregation of rural and urban experiences.