I like to consider the environment in everything I do. When it came to moving home, I wanted to find an eco-friendly removal service in my local area. I wasn’t entirely sure how they would provide me with an environmentally-aware removal services and was keen to find out if it were possible.


I Googled eco-friendly removal companies in Fulham and entered my postcode and was really surprised at the range of choice available for local companies offering eco-friendly house removals.

When I checked out their websites, the thing that interested me most was the packaging services. The house movers I hired had all the packing materials I needed to deal with my house move and they were all recyclable. That’s hugely important to me and so I ordered some removal boxes and packing materials from my house movers.

I also took their advice to put together a moving checklist. As part of that they recommended I rationalise my things so that I only took with me to the new home what I wanted, needed or was absolutely essential. It took quite a while to complete that process but it was actually quite therapeutic. It was also part of the moving companies’ environmental policy to encourage its customers to recycle things of no value.

I organised a house sale of items that couldn’t be recycled but may have some value to others. I was really surprised at how many of my neighbours attended. They bought up nearly all of the things I had set aside as unwanted and I made a little bit of money too!
I took the advice of the removal company and disposed of anything that could be recycled rather than organising a skip as I had intended. It actually felt good to eliminate unwanted things from my home before moving to a new one and I’m sure my carbon footprint has been reduced as a result.

The moving company arrived on the day of my house move and I was well-organised by then. Everything I was taking was neatly packed in the boxes they had supplied me with. That saved a lot of time and energy because the boxes were stackable and so loaded into the van maximising space.

I had a number of more valuable items that needed relocating and the man and van team helped me wrap them in the right materials for the job. The team were wearing overalls made in a recyclable fabric which was impressive too!

The efficiency they worked with saved so much hassle on the day. Moving home is one of the most stressful things you go through in life but hiring a local professional makes it hassle-free.

How To Make Your Moving Eco-Friendly

A friend of mine has a small business locally and he wanted his office moved so I recommended the same eco-friendly house mover I had used. My friend had so much paper in his archived files he was concerned about disposing of it. The moving company suggested that important files could be scanned and saved on a computer and the papers recycled. My friend decided to do this for files not more than 2 years old and he reckons it made him much more efficient.

The best thing about using a removal specialist that has an awareness of the environment is that they are really affordable! I guess because their ethos is based upon minimizing waste that includes their time and your money which makes perfect sense.

It’s often difficult to work out for yourself the best practices to prevent harm to our planet. I would recommend doing what I did and when it comes to moving house, contact the professionals for advice.