Hues can be harsh or humble to eyes just any other thing can! While black or dark red or orange can dazzle your eyes with its brightness and spark, whites and creams and sky blues can be a source of relaxation for you! These colours, when used in your home, shall not only bring a sense of serenity, but also a feel of freshness and space.

Before hiring the house painters in West Auckland, always go through the colour chart they provide and select the ones that appeal to you the best! If you are still under confusion, and find it hard to decide, just close your eyes and imagine the choice of furnishings and furniture at your place – now imagine the backdrop you would like to see them against! And voila! You know what colour would charm up the walls of your sweet home.

The Colours that can Highlight the Positivity of your Home Better!

There’s always this doubt as to whether the colour you chose is the right one for your home (or not)! The guidance to which only an expert painter can provide you. They, along with giving your walls the desired new look with a fresh coat of paint, can even guide you in selecting the best suitable ones for you home. Thus, choosing the best painters who can give wings to your preferences, is important — whether it’s for your interiors or for roof painting in Auckland. Total Paint is one such agency that provides the best and experienced painting related plans for your interiors and exteriors. They have the excellence, experience and judgement of what’s best for your place along with workers having a great hand on the task! Once these are fixed, you can glam up your walls through these soothing palettes.

  • Soft PastelsThe rush of soft light and flowery hues are bound to give your home a calm demeanour. You can add a touch of the pastels in your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even dining room — and they can interact beautifully with the eclectic mix of accessories. These can complement well with those wooden dining sets or contrasting kitchen cabinets and even the dark coloured bathroom fixtures. That’s the best part of pastels – they can host any theme without much ado.
  • Caramel Beige Beige has been in the list of favourite hues since around two decades. This colour has a charm of its own in giving the rooms a lush and luxurious look. Best suitable for bedrooms to give it a cozy look, it contrasts well with any furniture. Either it’s a white or creamy looking wardrobe set or a dark brown vintage bed, beige knows how to glorify without being jarring.
  • Variants of Blue Blues are one of the most versatile colours. Blue has numerous shades like aqua blue, sky blue, powder blue, etc. These endless shades leave open a variety of options to experiment with in any room. Whether it’s a living room creating a fresh façade in sky blue, or a foyer making a royal welcome with a robin blue, or a serene bedroom washed in powder blue, blues can add a positive charm to any ambience.
  • Light Shades of Grey Though grey is thought to be gloomy, but the paint on your walls need not be! These lighter shades of grey give a classical touch with a hint of modernity – the combination of which makes a timeless appeal. Best part? With grey, you can make your interiors look as traditional or as contemporary as your heart desires.
  • Hazelnut Cream Not actually the basic white cream, but something with more character and persona, hazelnut cream can look awesome in any room. It makes the space look larger and makes it glow radiantly when light trickles in. Matches wooden floorings and furniture the best, but also can blend excellently with some country style rustic whites. This is the most common colour used for walls and would never go out of fashion.
  • Musing Mustards Mustards aren’t as vibrant as orange or as light as beige. It’s a beautiful blend of these both, giving a golden glow to your walls that looks luxurious and regal. It is best suited for bedrooms, but even living rooms can look ravishing bathed in it. Choose the other colours in the room with care to create the drama you desire.

These colour shades are capable of transforming your homes into gorgeous sanctuaries. Just a perfect touch of flawless paintbrush, and some lovely touches of furnishings can complete the magic!