Your body is composed of several organs where each has its role to play. Out of all those, you cannot deny the role and importance of the kidney. The bean-shaped kidneys are one of the most important organs of your body, getting rid of waste products, filtering the blood, as well as keeping the blood pressure normal, balancing red blood cell production, and electrolyte levels. With so many functions undertaken by the kidney in your body, there is no doubt that any problem to the kidney can give rise to some serious problems and issues.

Kidney Failure

Like any other organ failure or health ailment, kidney failure is also a big health disorder experienced by many people. Kidney failure means it stops working, by up to 80-90% functional failure. There are many reasons for kidney failure. They include-

  • Diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Physical injury
  • Other health disorders related to heavy drinking, smoking, etc.

Functional failure of the kidney doesn’t happen overnight but takes place gradually. Practically, in many cases, kidney disease can start occurring level by level without showing any symptoms, and you would not experience it until your kidney fails.

Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Your body will show signs that will indicate whether you have kidney failure. Taking these into consideration ad keeping your eyes open will help you in diagnosing the problem early and get medical help instantly:

  • Weakness and tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Lack of hunger
  • Itching
  • Symptoms of insomnia
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle cramps and swelling in ankle or feet
  • Low blood count, also termed as anemia

Kidney failure means no proper removal of waste and extra fluid from your body.

Kidney Failure Treatment

Determining the kidney failure through tests using imaging, blood samples, urine volume measurements, and kidney tissue sample, are the initial steps in determining if there is kidney failure and up to what degree.

The usual types of kidney failure treatment include, in advanced stages, as there is no cure for the Kidney – dialysis (common and suitable for damage in a limited way), while kidney transplant is done if no repairing or improvements in symptoms can be done.

Apart from dialysis, changes in lifestyle, healthy habits, and other aspects along with regular medications also help in improving kidney functions.

Homeopathy Treatment for Kidney Failure

At present, homeopathy has also been used and adopted by medical professionals and experts for chronic kidney failure or renal disorder. Homeopathy treatment for kidney failure is based on the basis that homeopathy incorporates only the organic and natural substances and ingredients and works towards enhancing the body-organ functions to fight off the disease-causing factors and overcoming that.

In homeopathy, the kidney isn’t just considered to be an organ for excretion. It is relative to the individual as a whole as it influences every cell, tissue, and organ of the body.

Why Homeopathy Treatment is Being Adopted?

While dialysis has been common to help people suffering from kidney failure to overcome the symptoms and improve kidney functions, the fact that dialysis is a very painful process is also the reason why many patients experience threatening abdominal cavity infection. This has made homeopathy a vital alternative to that. Homeopathy promises a lot for the medical experts in treating kidney failure patients, and along with becoming an effective alternative in various other ailments, homeopathy brings a bright future for renal failure treatment as well.

How Does Homeopathy Work for Kidney Failure Treatment?

After going through the basic tests and assessing the kidney failure symptoms, the homeopathy process starts by evaluating and exploring what could have led to renal failure by studying the personality, lifestyle, and health habits of the patient.

The medicinal implementation is done at the disproportionate level only – it aims to bring down the serum creatinine level and fuel the kidney naturally to carry out its functions effectively. This means there is no need for dialysis, which also helps in keeping the serum creatinine levels down without letting the problem escalate further.

In the homeopathy treatment process, if the assessment and medicines are prescribed at the early stage then the kidney can be easily taken back to the stage where it functions normally.

In conditions where kidney failure has been caused due to diabetes or blood pressure problems, then the homeopathy has shown to be highly effective in helping the patients come out triumphant. Maintaining the electrolyte level is the key to the overall function of the kidney and the well-being of any person, and homeopathy has projected huge success in this concern.

In homeopathic treatment for kidney failure, the medicines prescribed and given are not just based on the kidney disease but the individuality of the patient and overall factors – cause of kidney disease, physical, and mental stage of the person in concern, and much more.