As the whole world is in a lockdown situation due to the Coronavirus outbreak, millions of people, governmental and non-governmental organizations are constantly glued to their phones and systems for recent news and information related to new positive cases. Especially the government departments are facing more pressure as they have to brief citizens about the updated number of cases and deaths related to COVID-19. Therefore, organizations are switching to robust location-enabled business intelligence software that shares information using public dashboards.

Tableau, the well known Business Intelligence Software is seeing a great hike in its demand these days for the COVID-19 related information as it is a reliable and single source of truth to convey the right information to the public. Traffic to Tableau Public Data Visualization tool has increased exponentially since late February, says a Tableau Expert. That means it is worth noting that Tableau is capable of rendering the real-time, accurate information to masses faster than any other software.

Let’s see in detail, how organizations are making use of Tableau Business Intelligence Software to keep citizens well updated all the time.

Significant Information Tableau is rendering to Organizations to Work Effectively during Lockdown

 1. For Reliable Number of COVID-19 Cases

Not just the government departments but the media giants too like CNBC are trusting on Tableau BI software as it automatically updates the number of cases found COVID-19 positive and the number of deaths related to the same on the public server. This makes reaching out to the public with concrete information and making strategic decisions to control the same much easier. Government departments and media sources are also providing links to people using this software to track real-time updates.

2. For Mapping of Worst Hit Areas

Not all the information is needed to make public, Tableau is also ensuring the concerned people are getting the right piece of information. For example, the situation of some of the worst-hit areas may scare the rest of the public or may provoke them to go out of their homes to help them which would break the social distancing practice. But, if this information is reached to the health department only, the concerned authorities will definitely make the right steps to provide health, food, shelter, etc. facilities to the people.

3. For Tracking the Community Impact

Many businesses and independent workers have been impacted by the COVID-19 spread. Tableau provides the government authorities the right information related to the same so that they can accordingly make budget plans, tax rebates, instalment relaxations, etc. for citizens and to make their struggles during this period slightly easier.

Take Away from the Blog

All of the above-mentioned factors are empowering government every day to run the nation wisely, and the results are visible:

  • Poor people have been provided with some amount
  • Proper rationing and cooked food facilities are available for below poverty line people
  • Tenants have been given relaxations on house rents
  • Home office services have been enabled for employees
  • COVID-19 Tracker app is keeping people all the more informed about positive people around them
  • And more…

With the other government departments becoming more and more advance these days, make sure your department doesn’t lag behind. Inquire about the Tableau License Price today to gain access to reliable and real-time information on the go.