Spring cleaning is a chance for families to clean bacteria and viruses that can cause sickness from their homes and to organize and get rid of belongings that are cluttering up their environments. It is a chance to ensure that the air one is breathing is fresh and that homes are sparkling clean for all of the fun with family and friends that the summer months are sure to bring. Start with the following checklist to spring clean all areas of the house to get the home ready for summer living.

Wash Draperies and Linens

Washing draperies and window coverings is ideal when the windows are being scrubbed. Be sure to check the fabric care tag to see if draperies, curtains, valances and sheers can be laundered at home or by hand or whether they need to be sent to the dry cleaner. Other linens that should be washed at this time of year include blankets throughout the house, bedding and pillows. Pillows that cannot be cleaned in a washing machine may need to be replaced. You could always burn them in a pile behind your house, which might be fun for the whole gang.

Have a Garage Sale

Clean out all garages, closets, cupboards, and storage spaces. Get rid of anything that you have not used within the past year that you are not saving for a known purpose. Separate items into piles to keep, to throw away and to sell or give away. Take a weekend to host a garage sale, and raise some money for your summer vacation. Getting rid of useless junk that is holding you and your family back can be so liberating.  Plus, you can make yourself feel more of an active member of the community by socializing with your neighbors during your yard sale.

Invest in a Storage Unit

Consider investing in an outdoor storage unit or in a rental unit if you have loads of items to store. Some companies, like North Star Mini Storage, know that you should choose a climate-controlled unit if possible to keep humidity away from your belongings. Also, store items in airtight bags or bins to keep your belongings as fresh as they were the day you bought them. Having a storage unit ready to use at your disposal is something that will help you in many ways.

Clean Ductwork

Furnace filters often need to be changed monthly this time of year because of the amount of dust and allergens being filtered. Every few years, families should hire a professional to clean the ductwork throughout the home. Families can clean cold air returns themselves. Be sure not to forget to clean the dryer vent and ductwork. No one likes to sneeze and sniff constantly, especially if members of your family have allergies or other related conditions.

The summer months are generally busy even with the kids not being in school. June through August especially see plenty of parties and events held in people’s home and backyards. By cleaning and de-cluttering the home in the spring, the summer months will be easier on the whole family.