There are many countries where recreational and medical marijuana are legal. Smoking joints is the most common form of marijuana use. A lot of users praise the effects of marijuana, either medically or recreationally. The high that you get from smoking marijuana is way different from smoking or using narcotics, such as methamphetamine, cocaine, and the like. The high from marijuana is calming, which is why a lot of people from places where it is legal use it to help them relax and relieve stress. But edibles are gaining ground in recreational marijuana use. There are sites such as where you can purchase edibles to satisfy not only your cravings for food but marijuana as well. Here are some differences between smoking joints and eating edibles.

Which one makes you higher?

When it comes to the question of which method will get you higher, the answer is edibles. When you consume edibles, your system converts THC – the substance in marijuana that gives the high effect – to a more potent version. This makes the edibles more potent than joints.

Which one makes your high faster?

Smoking joints will make you feel the effect right away, and the high will dissipate quickly. The effect will last up to an hour. Edibles, on the other hand, take effect over a longer period. You can feel it anywhere from half an hour to two hours after ingesting them, and the effect will last up to several hours. This is because the body processes the edibles differently than joints. 

Which one is healthier?

Smoking anything has an effect on the lungs. Even if it is marijuana, you are introducing something other than fresh air into your lungs. Edibles are a safer and healthier alternative to smoking, provided that the ingredients in the edibles are also safe for health. You can completely do away with sugar if you want to ingest edibles. There are many cannabis salads you can choose from.

Reminder when ingesting edibles

The rule of thumb on edibles is this: start small. Because you will feel the effects after an hour or so, ingesting large amounts before the effect kicks in will have a psychedelic effect on you. You can eat more after you feel the effect and if you think you can take more. Dosing edibles with the right amount of marijuana may be tricky, as you feel the effect after an hour or so. It may be hard for those who infuse food with cannabis to estimate the right dose for each food portion. The standard dose of THC in edibles is 10 milligrams in legal markets.

Although a lot of different people deem that smoking or ingesting marijuana is safer than other narcotics, you must remember that you can also overdose on it. Overdosing on edibles may have very unpleasant effects. Because the effect lasts longer with edibles, overdosing on them will also make you feel awful for longer. Overdosing on joints is easier to manage and control, as the effects do not last as long as edibles.