Many a times, a workplace injury claim is straightforward and the employee receives the benefits they are entitled to and there are no conflicts. But what about those other occasions? For instance, there might be a question of whether or not the worker was on the clock, or an injury that requires long-term care might create disputes between the employer and employee.

Generally, the system set up by the government to handle workers compensation cases works well, serving as an intermediary between employer and claimant. In some instances, however, a dispute over how to handle the case may force the parties to seek help from experienced lawyers. Hence there are 9 good reasons that you should hire a worker’s compensation lawyer:

Your claim was denied

Agents for the insurance company will look for reasons to deny your claim. They might say the accident didn’t occur while you were on the clock or they might suggest that the claim wasn’t filed within the allotted time. A compensation lawyer  is more capable of navigating the appeals process than a someone unfamiliar with the legal system.

A Preexisting Condition Complicates Matters

If you have injured a part of your body that has already been identified as having a pre-existing injury or condition, the insurance company may use this as a means of disqualifying your case. An attorney can help prove the new injury was work-related and not the result of a worsening condition.

Preventing Stress

If you were injured at work, you are facing wage loss as well as medical issues. Any stress is only going to make it worse. That is why it makes sense that an expert handles things the way they should be from the beginning. Compensation lawyers in Sydney would not only make understanding the issues easy but also make your task easier.

Insurance Companies are Blocking You from Getting Treatment

The insurance company may delay, or deny altogether, the issuance of needed medical treatments. This can include required surgery or even medication. A compensation lawyer can pressure the insurance company into complying and doing the right thing by agreeing to a fair settlement.

Other Government Benefits May Be Affected 

Once you begin receiving compensation payments, other benefits such as SSDI payments may be reduced. A lawyer can minimize that reduction to ensure you receive the highest amount in benefits possible.


Just like tax forms, workers’ compensation claim forms use government language that you may not understand. Worker Compensation attorneys are experts at such matters and will help you out.


Personal injury lawyers in Sydney are highly experienced in claim submissions, denials and appeals. It means they can hold your hand throughout the case, while  handling requests for more evidence or objections to your claim.

A Worker’s Compensation Hearing is a Trial

Regardless of what you may have been told, a worker’s comp hearing is every bit as serious as a trial and, in this case, your livelihood is at stake. For this reason alone, it’s in your best interest to have a lawyer represent you at the proceedings.

Screening for third party liability cases

If you were injured in an accident which was the fault of someone other than yourself, a co-worker, or your employer, you can file a civil lawsuit in addition to pursuing your worker’s compensation case.  This can provide you with thousands of dollars in additional compensation for your injuries. Workers compensation lawyers know when there is a potential third party liability suit and can give guidance as to whether it is worth pursuing.