Whether you lost teeth through an impact, tooth decay or infection implants can be an excellent solution that feels natural and looks great. Dental implants have become a main way of providing a long-term solution for missing teeth with implants these days able to last for decades.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can take care of your implants, regular maintenance, how long they last and whether there are any limitations that dental implants bring with them.

What is a dental implant?

It is important that you understand what a dental implant is, first. An implant uses a titanium implant, which is surgically embedded into the jawbone and anchors the finished implant. The titanium thus takes the place of the extracted tooth.

When going for an implant, the first thing to do is consult with a qualified dentist. After a good check and approval by the dentist, the implant procedure is then performed by an oral surgeon, a prosthodontist, or a periodontist.

Make sure you choose your specialist or dental company carefully as it can get costly if you take a wrong step in that regard. Make sure you consult with someone or a company that is well qualified, can satisfactorily answer any questions you may have, and that you are at ease with.

Why would you get dental implants?

Why would you get dental implants?

  • A better set of teeth
  • Age-appropriate treatment
  • Implants are a long-term process
  • Lasting influence
  • Tooth Saver

How you can take care of dental implants

When you’ve had dental implants fitted, they should be cared for much in the same way as normal teeth – you should floss daily and brush twice a day. This will help to rid your mouth of the plaque and bacteria that can cause problems to develop.

You may also need some interdental brushes to make sure that you are able to clean and between your implanted teeth. Not all implants are as easy to clean as others. If you have one implant in front of your mouth it will probably be easier to clean than dental bridges at the back. Take advice from your dentist on all care but make sure you maintain a good oral care regime.

Regular maintenance is needed for dental implants

Normally you should have an x-ray every year to make sure everything is in good condition with your implants. As with your normal teeth, you should get a six-monthly checkup from your dentist to make sure that your teeth are clean and there are no problems.

How long should your dental implants last?

If you care for your implants as your dentist advises and the jawbone in which they are embedded remains healthy, the titanium post can last for years and the Crown may not need replacing for a decade or more. Dental implants have got better and better and now last for years.

Are there limitations with dental implants

One of the main reasons people go for dental implants is that they can be treated much like teeth. Dentures need special attention and are normally out at night, implants become part of you. One of the big limitations of dental implants is that the quality of the materials used and the implant process varies between dental practitioners. It’s important to make sure that you are getting implants done by someone with lots of experience and that the materials used are of top quality.

Dental implants are the norm these days when it comes to dealing with missing teeth. They have come down in price over the years and are remarkably durable. So if you are looking to have one, there are many quality dentists with great prices available these days – dental implants via NSOMS for instance, are a safe and great option for you. Not only do they get you implants but they also help you understand how to clean your implants if you’ve already had them.

Questions to consider before getting dental implants

You should be fully aware of any risks that come with dental implants. Just as with any other surgical procedure, you must understand that dental implants are not always successful. Depending on a number of factors, a dental patient could end up with a tooth popping out of their his/her mouth and leaving the empty and unpretty. Sometimes too, an implant wrongly done can lead to infections or sinus issues. All of these underline why it’s important that you go with the right provider.

The surgery can lead to infections or sinus issues, which is why it’s important to choose the right provider. You should look out for and compares differences in cost, comfort, and durability.