Displays of smartphones and tablets are becoming bigger and better. Smartphones are becoming slimmer as well. Isn’t it great? Or, does it cause any problems? Imagine you come home after a football training session and throw your smartphone incautiously on the couch. Your younger brothers might not even notice your slim device and start jumping on the couch.

There are no disadvantages of devices getting slimmer. You need to change the way you keep your smartphone when it is not in your pocket.

Anyways, is dropping it on the couch is the right way to treat your device? You can avoid these problems when you have a specific place to put your smartphone. We are talking about the MOFT mobile phone stand here. This small accessory can make your life easier.

Those who have been using MOFT mobile phone stands for their iPhones and iPads, they have a lot to say  about the number of problems it solves.

A mobile phone stand is of great use for those who often forget where they put their smartphones. Some people leave their phones anywhere when they are at home. Many leave it on window sills. Imagine your phone is on silent mode. And, now you find yourself frantically running around the house to hear the device vibrate.

When you have a mobile phone stand, you always remember that the stand is the right place to put your phone. You can have more than one stands, one for each room. You can call it a game-changer.

It is a great accessory for productive folks. So, you must have one if you are using your smartphone for productivity-focused tasks. How efficient are you at typing on your iPad’s software keyboard? This software keyboard covers half of the screen. A keyboard and a stand can eliminate this problem.

The MOFT mobile phone stand is excellent for people in professions like graphic or web designing. Though they create their designs on their laptops, they also need to view the design on Android and iOS devices. Just put your device on that stand beside your laptop and test the changes in the design on both displays. You don’t need to pick up and put down your iPad every other second.

So, the stand eliminates unnecessary repetitions. You can even change the angle of the stand. Some people use their smartphones for long hours. As a result, the device constantly runs out of power. It is great to have a specific place to charge your device. The stand is the perfect solution you need.

This tech accessory also keeps your hands free if you love doing multiple tasks at the same time. What are some other benefits of using A MOFT mobile phone stand? It keeps you organized. Your hands get the break they need. From safety to cleanliness, a stand can do a lot for your smartphone. Here are some more benefits.


Holding your smartphone in your hand to watch a movie can be exhausting. Though the weight of the devices is decreasing, the size of the display is increasing. Keeping the device on a stand is also good for your arms and neck.


Cell phones are responsible for an alarming 1.6 million crashes every year. So, MOFT mobile phone stand can be a safety accessory as well when you are driving.

Productivity by breaking addiction

A smartphone hurts the productivity of students and professionals when the device is in their hands at school or work. The loss of productivity can be up to five hours. This does not happen when the device is on the stand.


The stand can earn you a reputation by reducing clutter on your desk. You will not misplace your device under folders, notebooks and other office suppliers.