Moving on from a house you have called home for several years is difficult. No one said it was going to be easy when you started thinking about moving. However, finding a buyer and deciding on the right price are challenges no homeowner is ready to face, ever. “Where do I start looking for fetching the right price for my home?” That is one question every prospective home seller is asking right now.

Taking one extra step can put you ahead of your competition. There are over 5 million unsold homes in the modern market, and you need to offer the potential buyer something more than ordinary to push the sale. Each step adds some value to your home. Find out more about the value adding process right here at

Here are a few tips to improve your chances of selling within a short time –

1. Clean up your home

If you are leaving your furniture and old drapes in place to create a homely feel, you must remember to clean them before the open house. A lot of people keep the accent furniture in place to give the idea about utilization of space for new buyers; you can do so too. Just make it a point to de-clutter your home before the buyers come.

2. Work on your curb appeal

People love to judge a house by its exterior appeal. All the space outside your home is free space and invites a lot of judgment. People will judge you by the broken mailbox, cracked driveway, overgrown garden and messy yard. They can cost you more than a few pretty dollars. Instead of spending a fortune on revamping your outdoors, you can go with a few natural potted plants and a DIY yard clean-up job.

  • Leave no stones unturned

Pay attention to the fine details including the layer of grime on your kitchen counter, the dirt on your windows, the overgrowth under your patio and the peeling paint in the garage. Everything demands acute attention. Try adding new energy-efficient kitchen appliances and green windows. Small budget changes can usher in more money.

3. Think about getting new photos

When you put your home on the market, you must pay attention to the way your agent represents it. You should choose the best quality photos. Nobody wants to buy the “Murder House” from American Horror Story. Selecting the right angles and light can lend a favorable light to your house.

4. You should not DIY everything

Always remember not to wing it. A home sale is a job for the experts. Some real estate agents have their team of interior decor experts and designers, who take charge of a home’s beautification. Working on the decor can increase its real estate value. For the best price and better opportunities in the market, always work with a real estate agent.

It is a trying time for homeowners and real estate professionals alike. Nonetheless, the choice ultimately depends on the personal taste of the potential buyer. Your home can face a few rejections, but sprucing it up always improves its chances of selling faster on a slow market.