How can Greensboro’s criminal defense attorney assist in a drug-impaired driving case? There are many ways that a criminal defense lawyer can help in a drug-impaired driving case. Driving when under the influence of substances, including alcohol has become a more prevalent subject in recent times.

Many people do not know that the standard of evidence of someone is driving drug-impaired is different from driving when under the influence of alcohol.  If your particular case is related to driving while under the influence, you should consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer before making any decisions.

The Difference between Drug and Alcohol DUIs

Drug-related and alcohol-related cases are different in many ways.  Field sobriety tests can demonstrate Alcohol-impaired cases in driving. Such tests typically consist of things like a walk-and-turn test and a one-leg stand.

The tests were specifically designed to identify alcohol-impairment and not necessarily drug-impairment. Reports still vary on whether such tests are successful in assessing drug-impairment.  It’s why several courts have ruled that a police officer cannot claim that the field sobriety test has demonstrated an individual is drug-impaired while driving.

An officer can, however, provide proof of the defendant’s findings during the roadside assessment. Therefore, knowledge of the skills required to operate a motor vehicle can be helpful. These can involve aspects such as the composure and coordination of the defendant. Such tests typically consist of things like a walk-and-turn test and a one-leg stand.

The Variables

Quite frequently, there must be evidence about something that would lead a fairly reasonable person to conclude that he was at the wheel while under the influence of some drug. For example, when deciding whether an officer was fair in asserting that a motorist was under the influence of drugs while driving, an officer could use relevant evidence.

They may try to determine whether they can smell marijuana in the car or even actually find it in the car, to help in proving that there was probable cause. These are the various facts that can enable the jury to assess sobriety. When you consult a criminal lawyer, they would be able to take all these aspects into account.

They will ask you various questions and look at other evidence as well. This will allow them to determine whether you have a solid case and good chances of winning it.  There are many more variables that are involved in deciding driving in a drug-impaired case that a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can help you with.

Why You Need Very Good Legal Representation

As the person involved in the accident, you will not know these technicalities. While some people do handle their cases themselves, that is never a good idea. Each case is unique, and the circumstances will be unique as well. The best way to increase your chances of winning the case is to be well-prepared and have good legal representation.

There are examples of many cases wherein people charged in a DUI case have hired inexperienced lawyers and have ended up losing the case. Since each case is unique, it is recommended that you talk to a seasoned criminal defense attorney before taking any steps. They will look at the matter from various angles and will make sure that all the bases are covered.

They will also be very objective about the facts of the case and while providing advice. This approach can help you make a better-informed decision on how to proceed in the matter. Starting on the right foot will go a long way in improving your chances of a successful outcome and the right kind of legal assistance matters a great deal.