Many of us are non-believers, but some of us still choose to believe in fate and the stars. Thus, for those of us who haven’t found our star—crossed lovers, astrologers can shine a light on the path of finding true love.

For couples or singles of big cities in India, astrology may seem to be almost a taboo word, but it is a new fad that pays off where love is concerned. Astrologers in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. have seen high profit rates and considerable positive responses in counselling their customers who seek their help in the name of love.

Star signs

Based on natality details and star gazing, an astrologer can read your stars and correctly predict the kind of love you seek, or the possible ups and downs of your love life. According to the alignment of the stars, they can counsel people on how to better tackle their emotions which help their love lives.

For some people, time may not be right to take a new venture and be brave where love is concerned. For others, it may be the time to strike. Thus, an astrologer can counsel a person, so that they at least have an inkling of the correct time to proceed with their actions, for if the stars are in their favor, they may just have the happiest love lives.

New people

Most of us meet a lot of people every day and after considerable encounters many of us do not know how to discern a possible person who could be our true love from the other people we meet. Astrologers can help us in this respect by just making us aware of a time we may meet a person whom we are destined to spend the rest of our lives with.

Couples counselling

Most people just go to a shrink when they have problems in their life with the significant other. Though the shrink only gives a medical opinion, an astrologer can hear the couples out and also tell them their fates based on their stars.

In such cases, it is not to say that astrologers can discern whether people will stay together or break up. However, they can warn the couple of certain times when they need to take it easy and give each other space, and other times when getting close could be a good idea.


Most married couples look to start a family. In such a situation, an astrologer can be helpful and tell them the right time to share their love and conceive for a brighter future where both the parents and the baby may be concerned.

Important details

Our first impression is everything, even though most of us do not know it or do not want to acknowledge it. An astrologer can tell us, based on our stars, certain details that will help us stand out, or help us blend in, in crowds. These details can be the key that may make someone else notice us, or make us notice other people, and may be important in our love lives.

Thus, astrologers help in love lives in many different ways. Though most people do not want to believe in it, they do know what they are saying, and can help in finding true love, and keeping it.