Regardless of where you wanted to travel, there are two burning issues you must respond to. First one is how are you going to get there and the second one is where are you staying. Now, as for means of commute, there is really nothing to tell since you only have so many means of transportation available to your desired location. However, when it comes to the choice of a proper lodging things used to get a lot more complicated. Fortunately, along came the 21st century and resolved this issue once for all. With incredible platforms like Airbnb the way we travel has changed forever.


First thing one needs to talk about, whenever there is travel in question is the price. A well versed platform meant for browsing available lodging will help you locate the most affordable accommodation at your desired location in the matter of seconds. This way, you will be able to save a substantial amount of money, which will in turn allow you to travel more often. Still, this is not just about saving money since if you wanted to book the most luxurious lodging, you could do this as well. As you can see, you never had more choice than you do now.

An open world

Probably the best thing about this touristic revolution is that it really opened up the world for you. Just think about it, a decade or so back, when it came to reliable information, you were restricted only to few major touristic havens. These were mostly based in Europe, North America or South West Asia. However, the global presence of Airbnb and even multiple local platforms enabled anyone to find lodging virtually anywhere. Today, even if you wanted to rent or buy property in Mozambique you could do so with ease using a user-friendly platform of Property Maputo.

Keeping track of reputation

Reputation was always problem with lodging to begin with. Sure you know what kind of reputation Hilton or Ritz have, but when it comes to small or medium hotel in a place you have never been before, in past you relied mostly on luck. Now, you can find out everything from customer reviews, with nothing but your computer or mobile device. Furthermore platforms like Yelp can help you get the review or any local business and in this way, help you plan your itinerary even before you set your foot on the desired location.

Creating your own path

Speaking about itinerary, most tourists follow paths that are already set in front of them. This, however educational and entertaining, usually prevents them from truly getting to know a place. With the use of various travel apps, one of them being Localeur, you can easily make your own adventure regardless of the city you are in. You used Airbnb to choose the best lodging, now use tips from locals via Localeur to find out what is worth visiting in your nearest vicinity. Even though Airbnb is an ultimate traveling tool on its own, by enhancing it with an additional travel app or two, you can completely optimize its performance.

Since the dawn of time, we have used technology to make our lives better and easier. It was only a matter of time, when will these resources be allocated into one of the favorite activities known to men, travelling. The world is our oyster, and these Shakespearean words were never truer than they are today.