Brushing and flossing, and avoiding sugar aren’t enough for tooth decay prevention. Your Dentist Bath OH is very likely to offer some basic measures (bacterial and salivary analysis) to evaluate how much risk you carry and prescribe products such as topical fluoride, pH neutralizers, phosphate supplements, sealants, special toothpaste and lot more, addressing your risk level.  The measures are completely based on tipping the equilibrium toward your health by increasing the protective aspects and decreasing or removing the pathogenic aspects. The prevention process should be strategic, as it may affect planning on an individual as well as community level.

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Tipping the equilibrium – The proper recipe

You need the proper recipe to stay away from dental caries or tooth decay.

Acid creating bacteria
Prone teeth
Carbohydrates – the perfect food for acid creating bacteria

Strategic tooth decay prevention is aimed to shift the equilibrium in favor of endorsing health in three key areas:

Protection against teeth caries – This can be best accomplished by using fluoride topically to the crystalline structure right after the tooth erupts into your mouth. The surfaces of the tooth are dynamic and allow incorporation of fluoride ions into the surfaces. Fluoride is effective and safe against tooth decay. Sealants can be best to used along with fluoride as they seal the areas where decay takes place in small hidden fissures and pits.

Identification and reduction of acid-generating bacteria – Such bacteria may be identified by an easy test performed by your Dentist Akron OH. Once they are identified, they may be modified to reduce decay by applying right products. The bacterial concentration can be further modified with the application of antibacterial mouth rinses and pH neutralizers. It may be noted that the infants are not born with decay-forming bacteria, but bacteria can be transmitted through the saliva from mothers, family members and caregivers to kids – and this is another important motive to practice prevention.

Diet control – Carbohydrates, especially sugar can be quickly and easily fermented by the bacteria to produce acid. It’s notable to curtail intake of refined sugar from the diet or at least restrict consumption to mealtimes. Natural sugars found in vegetables and fruits are much better than added sugar found in soda, candy, juice and so on. Your total daily sugar intake should be no more than 50 grams, about 10 teaspoons. Snacking between the meals can be harmful as it creates an acidic environment that may take up to 30 minutes for healthy saliva to neutralize the sugary effect. Healthy non-carbohydrate and non-sugary snacks such as fresh fruits or fresh vegetable are better. Alcohol sugar like xylitol used in dental products and some chewing gums reduces the risk of developing decay-causing bacteria.

Tooth decay is a disease process. But proper diet, good oral habits, proper diagnosis and protection against the bacteria and treatment, if necessary, can significantly reduce the risk of further damage.

Not all of us are aware of the correct methods of taking care of our teeth. Beneficial tips from experienced dentist in Akron OH helps in following a proper and healthy dental regimen.

Amelia Hill is a freelance writer with years of experience writing on various topics. Her recent article talks about the many tips that dentists often give to the patients for helping them stay away from tooth decay.