Drain blockage is one of the most common household problems which pops up out of the blue. Most of us generally know all the preliminary symptoms of a blocked drain, water stags in your sink or bathroom floor. You will notice the water drains out slowly, sometimes with a grumbling sound, followed by a foul smell.

If you are already ignoring any such symptom, perhaps you are not only inviting a complete inadvertent blockage of your drainage line or calling upon a big blow to your pocket. If blocked drains are kept untreated, they can cause leaks, sudden pipeline bursts, complete blockage of water passage, and so on. It is quite expensive to fix and repair these issues. In this article, you will get some household tricks to save some of your hard-earned dollars to clears blocked drains. We are here to provide you with some useful and handy tips you can apply when you notice any blockage symptoms.

Strategic Planning

  • Firstly, it is essential to detect the clog position and amount of waste materials stuck inside.
  • Secondly, before you can manage cleaning up the blockage do not use water in that sink or bathroom.
  • Thirdly, estimate the seriousness of the blockage and try either DIY methods or call for a plumbing professional.

Here are few most useful households’ tactics which can help a lot for small blockages. You can try it out with some readily available kinds of stuff in the house or even arrange a few to save on your plumbing cost.


A plunger is one of the most popular methods of cleaning the clogged toilet. Readily available in markets and easy to use, all you need to ensure while using a plunger is to cover all the spouts that are overflow spouts before starting. This tool creates an up and down pressure, which quite effectively loosens solid blockages. But at the same time, it is not that effective on greasy clogs of blocked drains.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Bent wire

When your toilet is suddenly clogged in the odd hours of a day, it can be time-consuming to find a plumber. But to do this DIY all you need is a wire coat hanger which is readily available in any house. You can also use a robust bendable wire that you might have in the house. Bend it like a small hook in the front, then straighten the rest of the wiring. Now, all you need to do is insert the wire down the pipeline and start hunting for any clog. Wherever the wire gets any obstruction to pull out the junk, once you are successful in pulling out some stuff, you can run down some hot water, then clear the rest of the clog.

Homemade Cleaner

Quite useful for your kitchen sink pipe and washbasin, you can make a natural cleaner with readily available agents like white vinegar and some baking soda. All you need to do is mix some baking soda, water and pour it down the drain followed by white vinegar. Cover the sink outlet of the drain to restrict bubbles from coming out. The chemical reaction caused by the soda and vinegar softens the stuck wastes. Once you flush water, the blockage will be cleaned. You can repeat pouring the mixture to clean blockage entirely and end with flushing hot water to clean the drainage way efficiently.

All these methods are simple household tricks to deal with blocked drains, but if the condition of your drain is critical, it is better to call for professional help. Keep these essential issues of mind, when no water passes through the drain when your bathroom is flooded with a foul odor.

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