The meaning of Epitaphs is an inscription on either a tomb, or a gravestone or even a memorial. This is written to honor the loved person who was a part of your life. The use of these inscriptions can go back to ancient Egyptians as well as the Greeks and the Romans. The writing can be light-treated or witty. It can also be written in a very profound and inspirational manner. The Epitaphs that are written basically reflect the spirit of the loved one. You can put a unique and a personalized touch to your writing. There are various ways to memorialize the life of your own and loved person in an interesting way.

Brainstorm ideas for Epitaph

You have to Brainstorm varied ideas and try to get a feedback from other family members. It is essential to consider the inputs of others before you make a final decision. If you are writing for your parent, then make sure all your brothers and sisters agree to your ideas. You have to devote a lot of time on the inscription that would be written. It has to be a combined effort of you and your family. There is nothing that you need to rush. You have to begin by first thinking and then coming up with ideas that everyone would like. If you sit with it for some time, then writing will definitely be chosen to be set on the stone.



Create ideas by putting yourself in the loved one’s shoes

You have to begin to think on the lines what your loved one actually liked and wanted. Was the person who is no more light-hearted or was he a person who moved others with encouraging thoughts all his life? You can also find some quotes from any of the historical figures that will match with your loved one. This will make the Epitaphs unique. You have to think deeply and find words that will describe your loved one’s personality. You can also look for quotes that will represent his or her character.

Consider the values and beliefs

Your loved one definitely had certain values and belief system. It is time that you give value to his or her values through Epitaph. If your loved one was a believer in faith, then, you ought to consider some verse from the bible. You may also quote from a poem or song or some literary work. Your choice must represent the life of the individual and that which was most important to that person. The inscriptions should be shared by a snippet of the person’s legacy. For instance, ‘Beloved, mother or wife “or” He gave his life for the love of country.” In this way, you can bring comfort to those who visit the grave for many years.



Historical significance

  • The concept of Epitaphs has been an important part for thousands of years as a part of death ritual. Initially the system was to mark the grave with sticks and rocks. This is how the human societies used to express their feelings and slowly they developed the ability to use language.
  • You will find the written and pictorial records and other archaeological evidence that was a mark of ancient societies. Most of the societies used iconography or simple language to portray the life of the deceased.

It might be difficult and even odd to decide what to put on the Epitaphs. The entire process is to deal with emotions and memorizing the past of the loved ones. Since human beings are all complicated creatures, it becomes hard to find one phrase, or quote to capture the entirety of one’s life.