The COVID-19 pandemic is still in progress. Yes, the pandemic hasn’t ended, and the market is working in a hybrid manner; with half working from their homes while half going to their workplaces to do the work. For retail and other businesses, they are embracing online channels, but they need to open too to help a person in need of essentials.

With schools still closed due to the pandemic’s severity and resurgence, some businesses are in temporary closure but are somewhat not falling back. This gives many residents time to ponder about their homes and look for ideas to make their homes look, work, and feel better.

Is it time to clean house or time to do some routine projects before winter comes?

Everybody cleans their homes periodically. By cleaning, it means vacuum cleaning floors and carpets, cleaning closets, and the like. The weather just got a bit chilly because it’s October and November is on its way.

Well, there is no need to start throwing stuff out, but it is time to reorganize things before winter comes, to help make the transition from one season to another as easy as possible.

What are the home projects condo owners can complete easily before the winter?

Regardless of whether you live in a house, a row house, suburban townhouse, apartment, loft, or a condo; you still need to carry it out so you can adjust to winter easily. You probably also have a long list of projects you want to finish, especially if they are around your home.

Well, you are a lucky person. There are tips to help you and other Torontonians complete some of these tasks in just ten minutes. Afterward, your home can feel much more like your own home, tidy, neat, clean, and organized.

So here are the tips to get the works up and running:

Organizing the kitchen’s pantry

It’s time to sort out the expired items. Once they have been sorted out, it would be wise to organize the shelves by function. Snacks, baking essentials, cooking essentials, spices, veggies, candies, cookies, and the like should be separated.

If you’re lacking inspiration, watch an episode of home improvement, have a look at your favorite grocery store, or check out the magazine for wonderful ideas (ranging from vintage and retro to modern). This can help a lot of residents save time when it comes to cooking favored dishes or making a snack and vice versa.

Natural cleaning products can be made

It becomes easy to skip shopping from the store when you have your cleaning products. You can make them by using the items you have at hand. It can result in good savings, a clean home with no odor, and environment friendly too. Take inspiration from online guides to get started.

Organizing the closet

It would be wise for residents to set a timer when organizing their closets. Usually, a lot recommends organizing by color, function, or type. For starters, all jackets and sweaters should be hung together, followed by shirts with uppers and then jeans, khakis, and pants be hung together too. Similarly, hang skirts and dresses together.

It saves time in the long run because things become quite organized and finding things becomes easier than thought.

Smoothing out wallpapers

Having trouble with peeling wallpaper? No problem. Put a drop of wallpaper paste on a sheet of paper and rub it on the exposed wall’s underside. Then, press the peeling wallpaper against the applied glue. For smoothening out the bubbles, use a clean cloth. Afterward, the wall will look as good as new.

Making sliding doors and windows run smoothly again

In case the glass fixtures, sliding doors, and sliding windows are not working properly and are running roughly, spray a cloth with a silicone lubricant and wipe the cloth along the fixture’s, door’s and/or window’s tracks. It’ll take off the rust and make it work better.


As mundane as they can be at initial sight, these ideas work perfectly especially for residents of Toronto condos looking to smooth things out before winter comes calling. With the pandemic still in running, time to fix things out using these handy tips.