If you’re buying a new home,chances are you’ll need to have a home inspection done. If you get a fresh report of home inspection, then definitely you lower the stress level on your mind regarding the payment of money.

A home inspector is a very qualified person who will take a look at your home and highlight all safety hazards, hidden damage, and the expected life span of various pests at the home. A house inspection may give you strong negotiating power to reduce the price or request repairs of all identified issues before paying the money.

How to find a home inspector in Calgary?

Finding a home inspector can be sometimes difficult, mostly because you’re under pressure to pick one that is going to do a great job. You’re totally counting on them to detect all the necessary problems. But, worry not as most reputed home inspectors are easily heard of through your neighbourhood or perhaps your friends. Even reviews on the internet help sometimes.

What happens during a home inspection?

A house inspection is a lengthy process during which a home inspector takes a look at your house. After the inspection, it’s totally up to you whether you want to buy the property, back of the contract or have some negotiations with the seller.

Buyers, owners and real estate agents use our home inspection service to evaluate the required maintenance, overall condition and defects in their properties.

1. Your home inspector meets you at the property.

It happens this way that you meet your home inspector at the property. This way you can get to know them beforehand and ask them some questions. After the inspection, the home inspector will inform you of any issues that he/she uncovered while going through the entire house.

Unfortunately, if you’re unable to meet your home inspector at that time, produce a notice in advance. Be sure that you’ve left a clear way for them to access the property, or have a close friend or relative on-site who would be willing to let them inside.

2. He/She inspects every nook and corner of your house.

A good home inspector will definitely check out every part of your house. They’ll go in everywhere, including the attic. They’ll also go into the basement. They’ll check every necessary door and window, and even the roof. The home inspector may also run your water to check for any plumbing issues. A home inspection job will typically last two to three hours or sometimes more, as it depends on the size of the home.

3. You get a report produced by your inspector. 

After the house inspection, the inspector will briefly discuss all the findings and concerns with you. If you don’t understand anything, never hesitate to ask. The inspector will have a lot of pictures and will send you the detailed report attached with pictures describing every issue detected in the house whatsoever.

4. Share a copy of your report with the homeowner.

Your homeowner will look at the report and determine if you should completely proceed with the contract. You may always ask for anything to be fixed before proceeding, or request a lower price in lieu of repairs needed.