Introducing changes into interior solutions is pretty essential for anyone who is looking to have their space a personal reflection of their feelings, mood, tastes and desires. There are plenty of things that can be done for a space and on a space to immediately take it from dull or plain to extraordinary – the only thing needed is just a little bit of imagination, a will to take a chance and, obviously, the right ornaments that will bring about the change you are craving.

Each year brings another design element we happen to fall in love with and this time around we are getting absolutely obsessed with the use of pillows for interior magic. Regardless of the space, cushions will introduce form, color and texture to the room but you need to be smart about its placement as well as the color, shape and design you are opting for to make your space sparkle just the right vibe.

Here’s a bit of information you should have about this, apparently, complex decorative piece of element.

Common and popular cushion shapes

The knife-edge cushion

This one is the simplest and at the same time the most popular of all the cushions. It has just four side seams that taper into sharp corners and two pieces of fabric. These cushions can go from super simple (both thread and material in the same color) and with a few added twists – upgrade your monochromatic piece of interior accessory with a border in another color to add drama. Also, you can choose for a two-sided pillow – in two different colors or even different patterns.

The box cushion

This type of pillow has four sides, a top and a bottom. Depending on the overall size and use of the cushion, the sides can span from 1 inch to 10 or more inches. A box cushion can be used as a decorative element that’s added on another piece of furniture or it can stand separately as a piece for sitting.

The Turkish-corner cushion

Turkish-corner cushion is for all of you who aren’t fans of sharp corners you get with a knife-edge cushion, but still want something structured. These types of pillows have edges although are embellished with pinch pleating which is giving them a slightly rounder shape.The pleats create neat, rounded tucks at each corner.

Patterned cushions

Much loved patterns and cushion colors

Colorful weaves

Complex 3D weaves of detailed geometric and tessellated patterns are popularly holding their spot on the list of most wanted patterns. Nothing will bring life to an all-white interior like a weaved colorful piece of element so choose your colors wisely and give your space some character!

Botanical silhouettes

With a bit of vintage feel, botanical silhouettes are finding their spot in homes of those romantic, gentile souls; their elegant silhouettes are mainly printed in silk and in striking color combinations but do keep a dreamy feel about them. The latest wants include strong graphic plant forms – ferns or seed heads in charcoal and white, skeletons of winter umbellifers, turmeric-yellow and stone, rich red… usually printed on woven linens (check some nice botanical patterns at Fabric Traders).

Botanical patterns

Hand-woven heritage

Classic tweeds with a contemporary aesthetic featuring mixture of wools and cotton or soft Merino wool will turn any space into a warm environment of color and beauty. You’ll usually find these in small family business and can even be custom-made. Beautiful!

Romantic florals

Floral prints have a charming country flavor and a vintage-style appearance that won’t ever be passé.  Designs of this caliber often include florals, stars and spots plus block-printed style geometrics and plant motifs; you may also find subtle details such as ric rac trims along edges.

Art prints

These cushions are both mass-produced and custom-made, depending on where you are purchasing them from. Pop culture’s brought about plenty of influences and it’s not unusual to find some of your favorite comicbook characters printed on a cushion (you’ll most likely buy).