Being in quarantine to stay safe and healthy from the global pandemic has been challenging for many of us. Isolating from the world and trying to do so without frustration, fear and boredom seem almost impossible to maintain, but a holistic approach can help you stay on an even keel and keep a positive outlook on these taxing times. Our behavioral experts offer these holistic methods to boost your mental health during the quarantine:


Express yourself on paper, or type it online. It doesn’t matter how you record these thoughts, but don’t be afraid to write about how you are feeling. That is a good thing to do. Do not judge yourself. Let the words flow, and try to keep a daily journal. Harvard Business School conducted a study regarding expressive writing and mental health and found that taking note of what you are experiencing can help ease stress and trauma.

Cold Showers

You might be someone who thinks that this idea doesn’t sound pleasant, but cold showers have value in lowering the temperature of the brain. That, in turn, can help those with depression and/or anxiety by relieving inflammation and providing therapeutic benefits. It’s also known as hydrotherapy. A cold shower is inexpensive, quite invigorating, and can put you in a good mood. “Cold and wet” boosts circulation and bathes the brain and vital organs in fresh blood.

Behavioral experts recommend building up to the coldness slowly. For instance, start your shower at a comfortable warm temperature. Then, gradually cool down the water over a five-minute period down to 68°F. Try and sustain it for two to three minutes.


Let’s be frank. Going through a global pandemic can create all kinds of angst, and that is why meditation is something good for the mind. Practicing this method can actually alter the way the brain functions. Our brain is more receptive to positive emotions. Try going to a spot in your home or backyard that is peaceful and quiet in order to meditate. It is important to de-stress and let go of negative thoughts in order to not become overwhelmed. Start by allowing yourself to let go of negative emotions, thoughts or feelings that you hold onto. Meditation is a healthy and easy way for your mind to process your thoughts.

There are also options for neurofeedback treatment in Colorado Springs or your particular locale that exercises your brain to become healthier by using brain biofeedback. The technique can improve your meditation by helping you access a desired state of consciousness. During the treatment, electrodes are applied to the scalp to listen in on brainwave activity and to re-shape the activity to a more desirable performance. Depression, anxiety, autism, learning disabilities and trauma are all issues that can be treated.

Mind-Body Exercises

Physical exercise is one of the great distractions and can help you turn off a cycle of negative thoughts. Getting in a work-out or activity of some sort either indoors or outdoors keeps the body moving and keeps you in good shape. Consider two mind-body exercises such as tai chi and yoga. Both have the potential to enhance your fitness and to boost your emotional balance at the same time. Tai chi, for instance, has been researched for a number of years now, and studies find that the exercise is effective in reducing depressive symptoms, stress, anxiety and mood disturbances. Tai chi is a low-impact exercise and is safe for all ages and fitness levels.

Dietary Changes

Sugary drinks, french fries, bacon, ice cream and many other processed foods may taste yummy, but an overload of these choices is fattening and not good for your heart health or even your mental health. During stressful moments in quarantine, it’s easy to reach for the junk food and indulge. However, loading up on tons of carbs is not doing you any favors or easing the tension. By including more vegetables, fruits and whole grains with each meal, you can prevent mood swings. You’re also providing healthy nutrients for the brain. A holistic practitioner can also recommend nutritional supplements in vitamins, herbs and oils to improve your mental health.

Holistic healing focuses on the whole person rather than just the symptoms of a disease or problem. Mental and social factors and how all body systems connect are key. The global pandemic is not our fault, but we have had to find ways of coping with huge amounts of stress and learning to move ahead. Maintaining a proper balance is essential these days, and we hope our holistic methods can help you.