Kids are going to be sick now and again, and parents have to be strong and resourceful enough to keep their households running, no matter what. You can keep your medicine cabinet filled with creams, serums, vitamins, cough medicine, and other standard over-the-counter remedies to try to keep everyone healthy and happy. But even with medicines that promise high quality and organic ingredients, there’s always a chance that there may be a component that you would rather not have your kids consume. It could be the fact that a lot of these products are stored in plastic containers and you have concerns about potentially carcinogenic preservatives. In order to alleviate these concerns, you should start looking to home remedies and smart life hacks. Find out what items you have in your home that you can use to keep all members of your family healthy and energetic.

Garlic Is the Answer

There is a reason why garlic is at the center of almost every holistic cure, recipe, and elixir. By itself, garlic is pretty powerful, but when you consume it, there is a pronounced impact on the human body. Just one serving of garlic can kill off germs and bacteria in the gut. Garlic tinctures work very well to help people get over the common cold fast. Since most people wouldn’t be able to tolerate eating raw cloves of garlic, you can prepare a tincture and use it sparingly when you want to get over the flu or just give your body a nice healthy boost. Tinctures can be prepared with alcohol, glycerin or another kind of oil. It will take about a week or two before your garlic tincture is ready, but after that you will have a holistic remedy that you can use for months.

Cleaning Your Home with Natural Ingredients

Keeping a clean home will make your kids less susceptible to getting sick from exposure to germs and bacteria. Proper housekeeping is even more important if you have a small child who might crawl, wander, and get into things whenever you turn your back. So, what are you going to use to keep your home spic and span – harsh commercial chemicals, or homemade cleaners that are gentle yet effective? Ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, water, and essential oils can be mixed up and used to clean just about every surface in the home. If you want to go even further, you can start making homemade laundry detergent and body wash to gently clean your home as well as your body. Double check to make sure no one has in your home has an allergy to any of the ingredients you will be using to clean your home.

Using Essential Oils on Kids

Children experience new things every day, including cuts, rashes, skin irritations, and skin sensitivities. If you are finding yourself spending money on a new kind of cream every week, you might instead want to look at essential oils. Realize that essential oils are quite powerful so they always have to be diluted before use. On the other hand, making an antiseptic with a few drops of tea tree oil will have your kids feeling better, both safely and effectively. Peppermint essential oil can be used to help children with respiratory issues. Just boil some water, pour it into a glass bowl and add a few drops of peppermint oil. The steam will help to diffuse the oil, opening up your child’s airways naturally. Always make sure you run holistic treatment plan ideas by your child’s pediatrician before they are implemented.

Fortifying Your Family’s Immune System

Everyone knows that vitamin C is the key to keeping your immune system super boosted. Drinking orange juice can help but it might get a little tiring to sip on OJ every day. Here is an alternative to the immune system boosting smoothies you have probably come across that your kids will definitely enjoy. Take a grapefruit, two oranges, and two lemons, then cut them in half. Squeeze the juice from all of the fruit into a tall glass, stir and serve. This vitamin C filled drink is both sweet and tart, so children won’t turn their noses up at it. There are no added sugars, so you know that your family is getting nutritious treat. Most importantly, drinking a megadose of vitamin C will help to recharge your immune system, aiding it to fight off whatever germs are present.

Hacks for Alleviating Pain and Ailments

Sometimes a major headache can come on and even aspirin can’t help. Coincidentally, people have been told to regulate their use of over-the-counter medicines so that they don’t irritate their stomachs or risk facing other known complications. So, what do you do when you are in pain and you either don’t want to or can’t take non-prescription medicines? Doing simple things like meditating or rubbing your temples can help you find fast relief. Aromatherapy and smelling salts are also proposed to be very relaxing. If you get a burn, aloe vera is still one of the best known and easily accessible remedies. Those suffering from arthritis have come to love compression garments as they help with both pain reduction as well as making it easier to stay mobile.

The answer to your family’s health concerns won’t always come in a pill bottle. This is not to say that you can forgo taking a lifesaving medicine like a blood thinner and find the perfect natural remedy instead. What you can do is keep an open mind when it comes to maintaining a happy and balanced household. Help your kids feel empowered by letting them know that they are in charge of their bodies. By using natural household cleaners, you can allow them to safely join you as you mop the floors or clean the windows. Other remedies will help your family to feel better faster when they get minor cuts and bruises or illnesses. Instead of going for the medicine cabinet, take a look in your kitchen to see what solutions can be used to make everything right at home.