As a young adult, you may still be struggling to find the right balance between work and play. But if you are a thrill seeker, the need to have an exciting life away from work is one that will never leave you—you crave adventure! The following four hobbies will definitely allow you to find a way to blow off steam and unwind from the busy young adult responsibilities that you might have.

Hang Gliding

When humanity first dreamed of flying, chances are good that the original dream looked more like a hang glider than the giant metal airplanes we use as transportation today. When you are hang gliding, there’s nothing between you and the open air. You will never have the opportunity to “fly” as freely as you will while being suspended high above the open terrain below you as you glide through the air. The sense of freedom will definitely call out to the part of you that seeks a good thrill. However, this activity should be done with an experienced professional. Be sure to do your homework before joining in.

Zip Lining

The challenge of zip lining comes in remaining calm as you slide down a thin cable that hangs more than 600 feet above the ground. That cable might be steady, and you might in fact be perfectly safe while you are fastened into your harness and gliding through trees. But there is no doubting the fact that zip lining will get your adrenaline flowing. If you are a thrill seeker who has any fear of heights at all, staring down the trees from your zip line will be enough to get the heart pumping. Zip lining is popular around the world. Soaring through the air as you experience nature’s beauty around you is an unparalleled activity.

Motorcycle Riding

The Motorcycle Industry Council reports a growing percentage of motorcycle owners, including married couples, college graduates, and women. While the image of a middle aged man or a reckless teen may come to mind, the Motorcycle Industry Council reports that 71 percent of owners are employed and the median household income is over $60,000 per year. You will fit right in with the average motorcycle owner perfectly. Be sure to take plenty of classes and practice rides, get your license, and never neglect your safety equipment. If you ride responsibly, this pastime can be safe and fun for all.

Shark Cages

Maybe gliding through the air or getting on a motorcycle isn’t enough of a thrill for you. Or maybe you just prefer to stay more grounded. In that case, how does swimming in a cage next to an apex predator sound? By diving in shark cages, you’ll be protected from any shark doing actual harm, but you’ll still have a front row seat to this majestic underwater creature. You’ll get closer to its mouth, sharp teeth, and graceful swimming ability than most people ever will. When you are that close, you might just begin to see the world and your place in it a little differently.

Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. In fact, it opens up more avenues and opportunities for fun! Check out these four adventure activities if thrill seeking is in your blood and you just can’t stay away from a unique experience. Just remember to stay safe and enjoy the moment.