Protein is important for the growth and development of muscles in Children, teens and pregnant women. Every cell in the human body contains protein. It is required to repair and generate new cells in the body. Protein is essential especially when we are stressed out to recoup.

Normally the body gets most of its energy from carbohydrates and when you drastically get off Carbohydrates. Your body begins to burn its own fat for fuel. When your fat begins to burn you tend to lose weight. This high protein low carbs diet has both positive and negative aspects.

However the diet is not as easy as it is spoken, unless you are confident and fully focused to carry out the diet, else there are pre-packaged low carb, high protein foods available. Many of them would ask you to pay an amount in advance or as registration fee, however there are a few like the Ideal protein diet where they do not charge their customer upfront but they do charge them per item they order.


The biggest challenge is to give up on your most favorite foods, the potatoes, burgers, tortillas and the breads and have them substituted with the green leafs wrapped with meat, egg, fish or cheese. Many of these high protein diet takes a lot of time to metabolize, use and digest, which means you burn more calories burning them. In other words, your hunger pangs are not going to be frequent, you will not eat more and this is going to be a positive sign for weight watchers.

If you are a dieting as well as burning off the calories, then you need to doubly keep a check that you do burn your fat and also consume protein so that you do not lose your muscle. Your body uses the amino acids in protein to build lean muscles. This helps to keep your body toned and fit.

The challenge lies in accepting and continuing the diet, many weight watchers take up the diet and give up too quickly, since the protein diets may not suit their taste buds, craving for friendlier diets. Normally protein is consumed in an unhealthier way, in terms of deep fried and use of more fat. With the Protein diet, protein is consumed in a healthy way and it is balanced with vitamins and minerals required for the body.

Coping with the new regime and continuing it brings out the best. However, there are studies which, does say excess of protein might also pose a health risk for the dieters.


High protein diet like the Ideal protein diet is not only highly priced, but also has a limited menu. The high protein diet might help to lose weight, reduce diabetes and osteoporosis, but at the same time can increase the cholesterol levels, be a strain on the kidneys, which can be dangerous too. There are a lot of protein diets which includes Atkins, Dukan and Paleo diets. When you are on any of these diets, you might be putting a lot of strain on your kidney. Due to this you might be need to frequently urinate more calcium than usual. This can also lead to formation of kidney stones if not flushed out. High fat foods can increase the possibilities of gall stones formation, increase cholesterol levels too. However there has not been many cases of increase in cholesterol levels after consuming Atkins diet.

Similarly the intake of prepackaged food like the Ideal protein diet has helped weight watchers to lose weight at the same time keeping them healthy and fit. Ideal protein diet does not come with a fixed exercise regime, hence when you tend to burn extra calories by working out, will help you all the more. High protein diet alone will not help a weight watcher to completely lose weight.