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Hidden Truths About Astronomy Explore With Aditya Shastri

Like everyone else I never took interest in astronomy until I found Aditya shastri randomly while surfing internet. He is one of the Best astrologer in Kolkata, in fact I would say he is the best in India. I know most of us don’t believe in astrology and the omens that it suggests according to star movements, but I suggest you to starting believing them, because astronomy is not what we think it is.

It is a broad field of study, which covers almost every aspect of life and tells us, how every little detail of our life is linked. Very few people master this subject, because it requires continuous study and careful observation of stars, which not everyone can do. Unlike other astrologers Aditiya shastri studied astronomy to a great depth, this can easily be seen in their work.

I know first thing that came in our mind after reading word “astronomy” is, this thing is based on stars so it is not simply appropriate. Most of the time people go to extreme length and calling it a simple fraud. However, this is not the case.

Unfortunately, due to some frauds people got the wrong image of science of astronomy and they start to think every other astronomer is nothing but fraud. A key to find true astrologer is that he/she will never exaggerate anything. He/she will stick to the facts and will come up with the solutions that are logically and scientifically reasonable. He/she will always try to understand you, and help your to understand your problems before suggesting remedies.

Fields astronomy cover:

In broader term astrology covers cosmology, vastu, palmistry, numerology, horoscope and Best Tantrik In India. Now, these all are ancient studies, which proved their way in history. Modern scientist believes science governs every other process, every other phenomenon in the world, but this is not as simple as it seems. There are many mysterious things in our world, mysterious energies that even the mighty science can’t explain.

Best astrologer in Kolkata

Now, I am not saying that astronomy gives answers of all mysteries, but it does help to understand these mysteries a little. Every religion has their own beliefs regarding future, but every religion’s person even the atheists believe in saying; what you sow, you will reap. This is the simplest formula which astronomy explains. Our every small action help in formulating our future, and study of astronomy simply tell us with the help of stars, that how our future is evolving because of our actions.

Energy interactions

Now, if we see palmistry, vastu, tantrik, these are some ancient Indian studies dated back to 7th century. These subjects came under modern astronomy, but they link mysterious content with worldly vibrations. Everything in this world including humans has some specific energy or aura, and that energy resonates with others’ energy when people interact or things happen.

These kinds of interactions are pre-determined with the help of these energies by studying them carefully under astronomy. However, there is much uncertainty, which can’t be denied while studying energies under astronomy. Most of the time uncertainties came due to astrologer’s lack of experience or knowledge, and other times they just happen without any proper explanation.

There are very few astrologers who can guarantee their words, but I think as astronomy is very sensitive subject so giving guarantee about something as ambiguous as astronomy is not a wise thing to do, but it is just my opinion maybe giving guarantee could really help their clients because at the end your strong belief is what which shape your energy as the positive or negative one.

An overview of palmistry and horoscope

Palmistry is the most common and most famous study, which is being practiced worldwide. However, this study varies with different regions. Though study of stars and hand lines should be same everywhere in the world, but the art of palmistry is not so simple.

It is a skill which is learnt with time, you not simply can’t memorize it with some book. Like any other art it is a God given skill, which then polished with study and observation. Similarly, Assessing horoscope is not a simple task it requires to detangle complexities of stars to assess the message. Every star has their own unique structure, and has their own commands. Thus, messages vary with every command of a star, which can only be read accurately by a true astrologer.

Before taking help of astrologer, we need to see whether he or she is skilled enough to guide us and help us with our problems, because otherwise we can fall a victim of scam and can lose not just our time and money, but also the faith.