Here at Life & Experiences, we don’t shy away from tough DIY challenges. In fact, we face them head on. We challenge ourselves and always try new things. We’ll build our own furniture and tackle electrical jobs. We’re up for a new challenge, and we’ve got a toolbox full of equipment to help us. But, there’s one thing we won’t go near. That’s the plumbing.


Sure, we’ll tighten a leaky pipe, but that’s about as far as we dare. Now, don’t put this down to a simple lack of confidence. There are so many factors involved in plumbing. One wrong move, and you’ll find yourself on the nasty end of a big repair bill. Here are just a few more reasons why plumbing is best left to the experts.

They have the correct tools

We’re no stranger to a wrench or a spanner. They’re a vital part of our DIY life. And we’ll happily get under the sink and tighten a loose part with the wrench. But, have you ever seen a professional plumber’s tool kit? It’s better equipped than the average spaceship. They regularly carry a basin wrench, a flange spreader and pipe freezing kits. The specialised equipment needed for good plumbing is well out the range of your average DIY store.

You risk flooding the house

The dangerous thing about flooding is that the risk is simply too high. If you make a mistake while hanging a picture, the worst that happens is your photo hangs in the wrong place. With simple electrics, you might blow a fuse. However, with plumbing, you risk flooding the entire property. It’s one of the most common issues in the home, but it has some of the biggest repercussions. Just a small mistake in the pipe work will cause devastating damage. Even an inch of water on the floor is enough to cause thousands of dollars worth of trouble.

The plumbing is delicately connected

The other major problem with plumbing is that the entire system is interconnected. The pipes spread throughout the house, and one wrong move can affect the entire system. The water pressure must remain constant throughout, and a rush of water spells big trouble! The plumbing also runs through your boiler and main water tank. These areas are very delicate; they’re often lined with gas pipes that power the boiler. And if there’s one thing we avoid more than plumbing, it’s gas.

It’s not just connected to your home

When it comes to plumbing, you need to remember that it’s not just your property at risk. Many plumbing systems connect more than one house at a time. Any mistakes you make can severely affect your next-door neighbour too. And you certainly don’t want to get stuck with their repair bill on top of yours.

It’s much more expensive to fix after you’ve broken it

Most plumbing experts will fix your problem in an hour or two, charging a small fee. But, if you’ve already made a mistake, you face a much bigger invoice. If you’ve damaged the entire system or created a small flood, you’re going to dig deep into those savings.

If we’ve got you worried, that’s probably a good thing! Trust us, put the wrench down, and pick up the phone instead.