During summers, it is a common notion to visit the beach especially if you are living in a warmer area!

However, with a baby at home, you will obviously think twice before embarking on this trip. You may even cancel the plan altogether. But taking your baby to the beach has now become a lot easier.

Here we have mentioned all the essential points you need to know when you take that trip to the beach with your baby.

Go For a Baby-Friendly Sunscreen

Sunscreen is usually recommended for babies that are older than six months. But you shouldn’t purchase those powders or spray-ons and the ones with high amounts of vitamin A, as they can be harmful to your baby’s skin.

Instead, opt for a sunscreen that has little amounts of titanium or zinc since it offers exceptional UV protection and doesn’t contain any harmful substances.

You can even use sunscreen sticks for your baby’s face, to avoid applying it in their eyes. If your child unknowingly rubs the eyes, immediately wipe it off using a damp cloth.

Purchase the Best Swim Outfit

Here are the top 4 things that you need to look for when purchasing a swim outfit for your baby:

  • Swim Shirt: It is best to ensure the majority of your baby’s skin is covered. So look for a swim shirt that comes with a UPF of 50.
  • Swim Suit: You can purchase any type of swimsuit for your baby; just make sure it is cute.
  • Sun Hat: Look for sun hats that fit perfectly on your baby’s head since they might simply pull it off if it keeps flopping around. Also, purchase a hat with a chin strap to prevent your baby from constantly pulling it.
  • Water Shoes: Purchase water shoes, as it prevents sharp broken shells from hurting your baby. It also avoids sand from touching their sensitive feet.

Choose Comfortable Swim Diapers

You can carry a pair of natural disposable swim diapers while taking your baby to the beach.

Most natural diaper brands design special nappies particularly for swimming. But when it comes to a swim diaper, just make sure you are purchasing the right one and that your baby feels comfortable wearing them.

Carry Sand Toys

A sand toy can easily divert your baby’s mind from putting sticks, sand, and seashells in the mouth.

So carry enough toys and make sure that they are of appropriate sizes. Regular-sized toys can be a little big for your baby to handle. Try carrying small-sized toys or plastic blocks that they can easily play with.

Bring a Draw-String Mesh Bag

It is best to carry a draw-string mesh bag when going to the beach, as it makes it easier for you to put all the toys in one place.

Compared to the regular ones, mesh bags reduce the sand collection and also let you clean toys easily. You do not have to clean each toy individually. All you have to do is, spray water on the mesh bag while the toys are in it.

Also, once the bag has dried, simply shake it to remove the excess sand.

Do Not Forget the Baby Powder

Lastly, when going to the beach, do not forget your baby’s best friend – the baby powder.

Baby powder works just like magic – it quickly takes the sand off your baby’s skin. All you have to do is rub it on their skin and the sand just comes off.


Do not let your baby stop you from taking a trip to the beach. Instead, take them with you and let them have an enjoyable and fun experience. Also, do take these points into consideration to make sure you have the time of your life with your little toes!