Back in the day, people heavily used oil-immersed transformers. However, these transformers also came with some drawbacks. The biggest disadvantage was that the transformers were bulky. A massive conservator tank had to be used with them. Besides, people had to spend lots of money on the installation of a transformer.

The cast resin type transformer was invented to overcome these issues. This is a unique type of transformer, which can deliver a range of benefits. Let’s examine the characteristics of these transformers and what you can get from them.

Here below you can find some of the benefits of using a cast resin type transformer. If you are impressed by those advantages, you can go ahead and invest your money to buy one.

1. They have a reduced fire hazard

When you are purchasing a transformer, you need to look for ways to reduce fire hazard as much as possible. Inside a cast resin type transformer, you can find quartz powder and epoxy resin mixture. This mixture is flame redundant. In other words, the transformer has self-extinguishing capabilities from fire. This can help you to refrain from the hassle of investing your money on expensive fire extinguisher equipment. On the other hand, it is not producing any toxic gases as well.

2. They use no oil

The traditional transformers that use oil are linked with lots of drawbacks. Therefore, people are looking forward to getting their hands on better transformers. This is the reason why you should consider buying a cast resin type transformer. You will be able to get the inductive voltage transformer installed and refrain from the hassle of moisture absorption testing and dielectric testing. In addition to that, you can also overcome the expenses associated with oil testing and recycling.

3. They have a higher short-time overload capacity

The short time overload capacity offered by a cast resin type transformer is higher when compared to the other options. This is also a prominent reason available for you to think about spending your money to get hold of a one. When you take a look at the mechanism offered by traditional oil type transformers, you will notice that they have a multi-layer winding system of the coil. This is indeed a reliable method. However, you will not be able to ensure safe handling when using it with high surge voltages. That’s where the cast resin type transformers would come into play.

4. They are crack resistant

The resin type transformers are resistant to cracks. The transformer windings would crack along with the buildup of heat. If you want to overcome this problem, you need to invest in an inductive voltage transformer.

5. They are resistant to moisture

The embedding of the transformer within resin ensures that no moisture will penetrate. This can contribute a lot towards the lifetime of the transformer. In addition to that, you can reduce the high expenses associated with maintenance as well.


After reading this article, it should be easier for you to realize why you need to invest your money on a cast resin transformer. Therefore, you can take a look at the products offered by Guangdong Sihui Instrument Transformer Works Co.Ltd and go ahead with the best option. You willlove what you can get from them.