If you really want to add on that edge-of-the-seat and nail biting excitement to your mundane life, you should try your luck in water activities. There are a wide range of water activities, each interesting in its own unique way! Starting from normal surfing, to kayaking and even underwater activities can satiate your want for adventure and excitement in life. Water surface activities are definitely fun, but the activities which are done underwater open a whole new world in front of your eyes.

If you haven’t seen it for yourself, you probably can’t begin to imagine how mystical the world under the seas and oceans can be. These underwater activities like diving and spearfishing gives you a great opportunity to explore this whole new world. There are some shops which will provide you with the spearfishing equipment in UK. The Board Barn is such a shop based in Braunton, Devon that offers you with a wide variety of clothes, accessories and equipment required for water sports like Snorkelling, surfing, spearfishing, kayaking and more. They offer special kinds of skateboards and surfboards for beginners as well.

Various tips to keep in mind for spearfishing :

There is no doubt that underwater activities can be fun as well as leave you mesmerized. However, if you are an amateur at the entire thing, then you need to keep certain tips in mind that will prevent from turning the entire experience into a nightmare! If you are a beginner at surfing, you can consider Croyde surf hire. For spearfishing also you will need some particular equipment and accessories. Here are the tips that you need to keep in mind :

  1. Dive with a buddy : For all the underwater activities, you should always dive with a buddy or at least go in pairs. Sometimes shallow water blackouts can occur due to lack of oxygen reaching the brain cells. In this scenario of hypoxia, you will just have 2 minutes to take an action before the brain stops working permanently and death becomes imminent. This is the acute reason why you should never dive alone, doesn’t matter whether you are expert at diving or not. Safety should always come first in these cases.
  2. Research your spot : Before diving, it is very crucial to so some research on the diving spot. The best way to do that is by starting at the local dive shop that supplies accessories. Just ask them where the beginner diving spots are, and what to watch out for. Certain spots are only safe for divers having experience because of the rough terrains or the strong water currents that make the place unsafe for the beginners. If you are unable to get recommendations, just follow your guts. Remember, your gut is always right.
  3. Don’t stick your hand in dark holes : You should never experiment new things under water. There are ample of horror stories about clamping of eels on the diver’s arms. When an eel clamps onto your arm with razor sharp teeth, removing it can turn into a scene from zombie movie! Eels even have the power to rip your arms off with their teeth. Obviously no one would want that to happen! So never even consider sticking your hands into any kind of holes underwater cause you never know what danger is looming inside.  Also, always be aware of where you are placing your hands, as you might also brace yourself for the worst in order to get a better view of things.

Apart from all these, you should find a mentor who will teach you all the basics of spearfishing and also tell you what kind of spear will be the best for a beginner. Right amount of precaution can turn this activity into an ethereal experience!