A backyard is a place where family and friends can gather, have some laughs and rest, while the kids can run around and play. Functionality and looks are both important and both complement your home, but you need to be careful when arranging it to try and stylistically match the house which can be helped by professional landscapers.

I never really knew you could do so much with your backyard before I visited www.pacificdreamscapes.com. There I found the latest fashion and inspired me to make a list of the most popular backyard designs of 2019.

Put Out Some Furniture:

Furniture in your backyard is a great idea, although you need to be careful when picking to match the aesthetics of your house and backyard. The size also matters because these pieces are a bit chunkier than your regular indoors furniture and you still want to have room to move around.

The best way to handle this is to hire a professional landscape designer and let them have a look and recommend placement, style, and color of the pieces, materials and finally, the pieces themselves. You can express what you want to achieve and share your ideas with the designers or you can let them simply do whatever they like.

Fire Elements Are Hot!

Fireplaces and fire pits are an awesome addition. They create a gathering place for summer evenings and allow for more quality time spent outside even in colder months. Fire pits can be portable, but you can also build a permanent one.

It is also important to match the aesthetics and to place it somewhere where it would look lovely and serve its purpose of providing light and warmth.

Fireplaces are bigger and they have to be built for permanent use. They are the central gathering place and can also be used for outdoor kitchen and living room. You can really be playful with its size. The bigger they are the more heat they provide.

Light It Up:

We all know how important lighting is and how it can drastically change the atmosphere of a place. It needs to serve both functionality and style. The way it is placed determines how the backyard will feel. It is used to highlight focal points.

Hire a landscape designer and let them help you with this. Lighting is placed so that it can mark important parts of the backyard like its boundaries, walking paths, stairs so it’s both a beautiful way to enhance the whole experience in the evening, but it also helps you navigate.

Move Your Kitchen Outside:

If you are going to build a fireplace then the next step in your creative flow would be an outdoor kitchen. When designing a kitchen you need to consider its size, functionality, access to both the indoor kitchen and dining area in your backyard. It is also important to pick the right size and materials. The climate and types of meals that are going to be cooked there should also be considered.

Garden Of Multimedia:

Have you ever considered making a sort of outdoor home cinema in your backyard? What you need is a good spot for a projector, enough space for people to comfortably lounge, a good sound system and a hotspot with a stable connection.

When it comes to audio, it is possible to make an amazing backyard party with the help of BlueTooth. Big Bluetooth speakers are perfect for such occasions when you gather a few of your friends and can instantly play some music without the need for cables or complicated installations.