If you’re a happy cat owner, you are certainly not alone. In fact, there are tons of feline lovers out there, and the numbers don’t lie. According to statistics, there are about 373 million pet cats around the world, and that’s impressive. The good news is that there are amazing cat cafes located in many countries. Here in the United States, cat cafes started popping up in major cities by 2014, and these cat-themed establishments remain a welcome trend.

Our feline experts have come up with a list of the best cat cafes in the world. Meow!

1. Brooklyn Cat Cafe, New York City

In 2016, this cat cafe debuted in Brooklyn, becoming the only type in NYC run by a non-profit animal rescue organization.

One year later, and it was a huge hit that had welcomed more than 35,000 visitors with an average of 95-plus visitors cuddling the cute cats per day. Also, Brooklyn Cat Cafe had placed more than 250 cats in permanent adoptive homes by 2017.

The kind folks there will teach you all there is to know about having pet cats, what they need for entertainment, nutrition and even recommending the proper litter boxes.

The cafe is kid-friendly, where you can engage in hands-on kitty playtime and enjoy coffee, tea, and snacks.

2. Cat Cafe Calico, Tokyo, Japan

Imagine a two-story cat cafe and dozens of gorgeous felines hanging around, and that’s what Cat Cafe Calico is all about. The spot is a very popular one in Tokyo and features cats of 50 different breeds that you can pet and spend time with.

Cat Cafe Calico also serves coffee drinks with a large variety to choose from. If you’d like to offer some treats to those adorable cats, there’s a shop inside that sells yummy treats for cats.

Did you know that the first cat cafe originated in Taiwan in 1998?

It was so popular that the trend moved on to Japan and then, around the globe.

3. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London, England

Here’s another fabulous two-story cat cafe, and this one’s located in London and is the longest-running cat cafe in the UK since 2014.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium has since adopted more than forty rescue cats, and the place takes immense pride in the wonderful center they have created. At Lady Dinah’s you can unwind, enjoy a lovely, hot beverage and look into the blissful face of a sleeping cat.

It’s a busy place, so Lady Dinah’s recommends booking a reservation two hours in advance.

4. La Gatoteca, Madrid, Spain

Talk about cozy and fun, La Gatoteca is a cat cafe located behind the Reina Sofia Museum and next to the Atocha station. You can come in and interact with the felines, enjoy free Wi-Fi, books, and sofas to kick back and relax in Madrid.

The center features a non-profit mission of helping homeless cats and friendly, compassionate staff.

5. Cafe Neko, Vienna, Austria

This cat cafe is very clean inside but quiet, according to those who have paid a visit, but it is a relaxing cat cafe, where adorable felines wander about when they please and accept cat snacks from friendly cat-lovers. Some of them will even sit on your lap.

There are special cat beds and climbing posts set up around the cafe for these beautiful creatures. Pretty pictures of cats adorn the walls.

Cafe Neko serves snacks along with coffee and tea.

6. Cats Republic, St. Petersburg, Russia

This is a unique cat cafe that is also part of a cat museum and features about 60 cute cats roaming about. The St. Petersburg center serves great coffee and yummy cakes, according to fans of the place. There is also wine and beer available during your cat visit.

There is also a souvenir shop inside Cats Republic where you can purchase fun items such as cat magnets and more. The center is open from 10 AM until 10 PM, seven days a week.

Let’s be honest. Cats make some of the finest pets around, and it’s always comforting to meet new felines with a friendly meow no matter what part of the globe you’re in.

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