As a field of industry, IT consultancy as a whole focuses primarily on advising corporations on the best way to utilize information technology in meeting their organizational goals. The consulting industry is one of the fastest growing fields in the United Kingdom. There are a number of firms that specialize in this field and offer professional services for companies seeking to improve or change their current systems, and for those who want to create new and innovative solutions.

There are various different areas of IT consultancy. These include business processes consulting, process improvement consulting, information security consulting and software engineering consulting. All these areas have their own specific strengths and specialties.

Business Processes Consulting refers to an area of consulting where a consultant works with an organization to help it develop and implement new strategies and business processes in order to improve overall productivity and effectiveness. A consultant may work with an organization in order to help it develop a new set of policies and business practices to deal with particular issues. Some business processes can be time consuming and complicated and a consultant will be able to help reduce these problems by helping the organization to come up with a plan and strategy for how to tackle various issues. Many consultants offer support for implementation of these plans, from providing training to help employees understand them and apply them effectively to consulting with managers about implementation and how to make changes and improvements necessary to make their policies and procedures more effective. Business processes consultants are often involved in the creation of new products and strategies for marketing as well.

Process improvement refers to improving an existing method of business operation or system to help it become more efficient and effective. It is usually done by helping business operators realize their strengths and weaknesses and identifying and eliminating the areas where improvement is needed most. This area of IT consultancy deals mainly with identifying the problem areas, improving the methods of handling them, and finding ways to improve overall efficiency. The goal of process improvement is to help businesses run smoothly and remain at the forefront of the competitive market place.

Information security refers to the protection of data in order to prevent intrusion by unauthorized individuals or groups. When you are dealing with large amounts of sensitive data, it becomes essential for businesses to invest in proper security measures. An Information security consultant will be able to identify and solve the most basic security issues that exist within an organization, such as the need to properly secure sensitive documents, and networks, and even developing and implementing software and hardware tools that will help to provide additional security measures. Information security consultants also work with corporations on ways to improve internal systems such as networks and computers, and networks of employees, and workstations. to provide better security. This includes developing policies to ensure proper usage of network resources and implementing controls over employee access to information networks, such as file shares and software.

Software Engineering Consulting refers to a wide range of consulting activities, including the creation of new software programs and the support of existing systems. The purpose of these activities may vary from helping businesses develop applications or systems in order to help them run more effectively to help them develop new business processes and provide better functionality. The consulting company will consult on the creation of new systems that can provide new products that will better meet the needs of the corporation and which can help to improve overall business performance. The consultant will also assist with the design of the systems and software to make them suitable for the specific needs of the company. The consultant may help with the development of these products by helping them meet their business goals. Other consulting activities may include designing and developing software applications that can provide solutions to problems in the area of user management.