A lot of people do not necessarily have a plan for their funerals in mind, especially at a very young age. It is not really something that people tend to look at and think about as the first thing on top of their minds. Of course, who would want to think about planning their funeral, right? While a lot of people are in denial or just plain afraid to face the truth, it cannot be changed that death is a fact of life. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon, and everyone in the whole world will experience it. It is best to always be prepared, no matter what happens, because it is something that no one can predict. Planning your funeral ahead of time would not only allow you to have peace of mind, but it would also allow you to have a better financial position in the long run. Especially now where there has also been a rise in funeral costs for the past couple of years. Did you know that the average costs of funerals right now is already at £4,417? For you to be able to maximize how to plan ahead for your funeral, it is advisable for you to check out prepaid funeral plans which would best suit your needs, preferences, wants, and even budget. If you head on to your local funeral homes such as Stibbards, you will find that there are a lot of different options you could consider.

1. The Value Plan

The most basic plan out of the four available ones from Stibbards would only cost you £2,899. With the amount that you would be paying for, you would be able to receive the services of a funeral director to help with all of the arrangements. The care that needs to be done to the deceased body prior to the cremation or the burial would also be included in the services, as well as the hearse, conductor, and necessary bearers. A basic coffin is also included in the value. There would also be an allocation to be used up for all of the fees relating to the Crematorium, the Minister and cremation certificates, or to the burial – whichever is chosen. The allocation is currently priced at £1,200. This plan is transferable to another family member should the need arise.

2. The Crystal Plan

The crystal plan would cost you a bit more at £3,349, but you would get more services for it. And for the small difference of only £450, it is actually worth the money if you could afford it. Aside from the services already included in the value plan, you would also receive a better coffin, the use of a chapel, a funeral procession starting from the funeral home, and the embalming and dressing of the deceased body. Even if you only are able to use the prepaid funeral plan – whether for yourself, or a family member, in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or even 50 years down the road, you would no longer need to pay for anything else on top of how much the crystal plan costs.

3. The Pearl Plan

If you want a better thought out and planned funeral, then you should consider the Pearl Plan and be prepared to pay for £1,245 more than the value plan or just £795 more than the crystal plan. Valued at £4,144, you would get a whole lot more for the Pearl Plan compared to the two previously mentioned plans. A wood veneer coffin would be provided, and there would be a provision for the use of a limousine for the funeral procession, which you would already have a choice of starting from your own home. You can also opt to have the funeral service at your local church, aside from having a memorial or wake service at the chapel where the cremation or burial would take place. On top of that, you would also have the ability to add more services that you would like, but of course, it would have additional costs, depending on your preferences.

4. The Ruby Plan

If you want to have a better version of the pearl plan with just a difference of £455, you can opt for the Ruby Plan which is the best plan to go for especially if you want to have a bespoke funeral. You would get the same services and privileges that come with the pearl plan, but the greatest difference is that your family would have the provision to use two limousines for the funeral procession. Not only that, but a beautiful oak veneer coffin would also be used for the body of the deceased. You could customize the whole funeral plan to your liking by adding different services and details that you would want to be included.