You may have heard about the numerous health benefits that herbs have, which is why you’ve been thinking about planting some in your garden. Another good thing about planting herbs beside its benefits is the aromas that come out off of them, which can be used as insect repellents and such.

Planting Your Herbs

Before planting your herbs, it would be best to prepare the area where you plan to grow them. You have the option to plant them in your garden or indoors, for as long as the herbs that you are going to choose are for indoor planting. If you prefer planting in your garden, you can notice that without your good care, there are some relating problems. For example, the shrubs can grow everywhere, so you should take care your garden everyday to remove shrubs as soon as possible in order to prevent them growing fast.

If you are ready to plan your herbs garden, you can get some useful information about the best herbs which I research and grow in many years.

Beneficial Herbs to Plant

  • German Chamomile — People who are having trouble sleeping due to insomnia and other related sleeping disorder should plant German Chamomile. The reason behind this is because this type of herb can help lessen tension and as well as anxiety. Drink a cup of chamomile before bedtime to maximize its amazing effect.
  • Passionflower — Another herb that can help you with your insomnia is the Passionflower that is known for its tranquilizing and sedating properties. When preparing this herb, it would be best to allow the leaves and a cup of hot water to steep before consuming it. Another benefit that you can get from this herb is that it can help with depression.
  • Horsetail — Planting horsetail in your garden is beneficial for your health because it can flush out all the toxins from your kidney. It is also known as an effective astringent in the urinary tract. Horsetail is also rich in silica, which is good in repairing the tissue in your body.

  • Parsley — Planting parsley is not only good for cooking but as well as for your health. The reason behind this is because of the substance that it has that is known to be detoxifying. It can cleanse the body from toxins, such as urea. It also can improve the urinary system, while reducing edema and kidney stone occurrences.
  • Oregano — Oregano is one of the herbs that is known to be rich in antioxidant. The reason behind the is because it can help prevent damages in the cell from free radicals. For people who don’t know, free radicals can cure due to old age, inflammation, and arthritis.
  • Tumeric — Tumeric is popular in Asia not only because it can be added to foods, but as well as the effect that it has when it comes to inflammation. The yellow substance that is found in numeric are the ones that are strongly beneficial for the body.
  • Green Tea — Green tea is known to help with the prevention of cancer, including colon cancer, stomach, liver, skin, lung, intestinal, and breast. The reason behind this is because of the polyphenol that it has, which is a type of antioxidant. Green tea also has proanthocyanidins, chlorophyll, theanine, and carotenoids.
  • Rosemary — Rosemary is more popular as a garnish to meals, but it has the ability to stop the development of cells that are cancerous. Consuming rosemary is advisable, most especially to people who are undergoing chemotherapy.

  • Eucalyptus — Eucalyptus is another herb that is beneficial for the health because of the oil that it has. The oil is added in many cough syrups today which can loosen phlegm, relieve congestion, and treat a cough. For people with sore throats, it would be best to use the leaves of this herb as teas. It can also treat flu and bronchitis.
  • Ginger — Another herb that can help with a cough is ginger. The reason behind this is because of the compounds that are pungent that it has and oils, which can aid in removing congestions.

These are just some of the herbs that you can plant, which are surely beneficial for the health. Start planting them for you to experience the incredible benefits that these herbs have.