Your brain health is important, and nurturing it from a young age can even help keep your brain healthier and working better into your older age. Not everyone knows how to train their brains though. If you spend most of your time planted in front of the television, you definitely aren’t doing all you could, or should, to exercise your brain.

There are exercises you can do with your brain, there are foods you can eat that help your brain, and even things like real, actual exercise can be useful to the health of your brain, and even your memory. Here are some tips for things that you can do during your life that will help keep your brain in shape and at peak performance.

Your Senior Years

If you spent your life helping nourish your brain, your senior years should be much better when it comes to your brain. However, you don’t want to just stop caring for your brain as you get older, since it’s definitely one of those things that fit into the category of, if you don’t use it you’ll lose it. Once your memory does start to fade, maybe due to an illness like Alzheimer’s Disease, there is still help, with things like memory care at assisted living and nursing care.

Keep reading, which is a great way to keep your brain active. Make sure that if you are having issues reading you talk to your eye doctor and find out if it’s time to get some reading glasses. Doing puzzles like crosswords can be fun and easy, and are great for your brain. Even actual picture puzzles can help you keep your brain active.

Middle-Aged Memories

Your middle-age years are the ones in which you really want to prepare your brain for your senior years. Keep exercising your body, and get in plenty of cardio. Not only will you be happier, but it will help give you even more energy. Use that energy to play games that make you use your brain, whether they are crossword puzzles or you are playing games on your computer that really make you think.

Build A Better Brain

This is a great time to read things that help keep you even more educated. You were basically forced to learn as a child and a teen, but it’s important to keep learning throughout your life. By learning something new each day you are expanding your brain power.

Teens And Twenties

During these years you tend to be spending more time trying to have fun, while being forced to educate yourself. However, you also have more energy, and you spend more time getting your physical activity in. You can train your brain during these years by playing games that help you think, even if it’s strategy games on your computer or gaming system.

Inspiring Children

When it comes to helping children develop their brains, it’s about more than preschool and kindergarten, it’s also about inspiring them to be more creative and use their imaginations. Many little kids have invisible friends, and they should be nourished not forbidden, as they help their brains and creativity grow!