Struggling to keep on top of your gardening? If so, you are in excellent company. With modern life busier than ever, most of us barely have time to keep the house in good order, let alone our yard spaces. But if you want to get your garden in great shape for the summer, don’t panic – there is a solution. Free up a couple of weekends, follow this simple task list, and your garden will be in perfect shape in no time at all – with the least possible effort. Let’s take a closer look.

Tools and equipment

If you have been scared to even look at your garden for the past six months for fear of what you might find, the chances are there will be a lot of debris to clear. IIt might be worth investigating hiring a dumpster, as it will save you a lot of needless journeys to your local refuse center and a lot of time. Next, ensure that all your equipment is in good shape. Sharpen your garden shears, remove any build-ups of rust, and add some oil to power tools for improved performance.

The big sweep

The next step towards a tidy garden space is to clear everything out of the way. Leaves and debris can end up causing your garden health problems, and if you clear everything now, then a simple five-minute inspection every other day is all you will need to keep things in order. Kids toys, garden tools, random objects hidden by the dog – pick them all up, find a home for them or throw them away, and ensure your garden space is entirely clear.

Inspect everything

Next, it’s time to take a walk around your garden and have a good look around potential problem areas. Weeds are an obvious starting point, as is any signs of disease – check your beds and lawn and dig up what you find. Check your border regions, too, in case it’s time upgrade Wooden fences, for example, will often start to develop holes, and even natural boundaries like hedgerows are prone to gaps. Replacing an old looking edge can have an immediate impact on your garden for little cost. However, think carefully about the materials you use for your fencing and borders, too, as they will ultimately save you time and money in the future. You might use steel tubing for a fence that will last a lifetime, for example, or look at planting trees or a hedgerow to create a long-lasting natural border. If you do go for the fence option, painting it in bright colors can be another great way of sprucing up your yard space.

Get trimming

Get to work on any unruly plants or shrubs that are getting out of control. Some plant life has a habit of taking over your garden, and if you leave them to grow untended, they will impact the ability of other, delicate plants to grow.

Wash down and de-moss

Finally, wash down any paved areas or decking with a high-pressure hose, making sure you remove any moss or mildew growth – do the same for any of your garden furniture that is looking drab and dingy. Once you have finished, allow everything to drip dry in the sun, and lo and behold, you should have a perfectly presentable garden, all ready for the summer months. Let us know how you get on!