Although minor injuries that occur in public can sometimes be managed at home, serious accidents or injuries indicate the need for professional evaluation. Some accidents may appear insignificant at first, but symptoms may surface later. Thus, any type of accident or injury that is questionable should be considered potentially serious and treated as such by contacting the following professionals.

Law Enforcement

In case of an accident involving vehicles or a personal injury like a dog bite, law enforcement officials such as police officers should be called to make a report. The police report becomes an official record of the facts surrounding the event, and it may be used for legal purposes to determine responsibility for the resulting injury. A typical police investigation at the scene of the accident usually takes just a few minutes and is a critical component to a subsequent evaluation of the situation for medical and legal purposes.

If the situation demands that you call the authorities, be sure to document whatever information may be helpful for them before it slips your mind. You can also take pictures or videos just in case. It may be short, but there is always time between an incident and help arriving, so it’s important to pay attention and do whatever you can to help the police and yourself.

Medical Practitioner

People who has been injured should contact their regular doctor or consult a medical hotline with questions about symptoms or wounds. A visit to the ER or doctor’s office may be warranted. Getting a professional medical evaluation and diagnosis will ensure that the injuries are properly addressed in a timely manner as well as provide medical documentation of the event and resulting symptoms or injuries to the victim. Although it may be tempting to ignore what seems to be a simple headache or light leg numbness following a car accident, for example, a medical exam will help to ensure that the person is in satisfactory condition and has not sustained serious injuries that may require prompt treatment.


When an accident happens, the victim should contact an attorney or firm like Alexander Law Group who specializes in that area of injury. For example, some attorneys work primarily with vehicular accident victims, while others focus on slip and fall-type issues. Finding an attorney who works exclusively or mainly in the area of law that is pertinent to the injury will ensure a knowledgeable legal approach to determining the responsible party and possible compensation due to the victim. Attorneys know how the law applies to personal injury and can advise a potential victim of his or her rights and responsibilities.

Similar to the police, an attorney is likely to appreciate any documentation that you happen to have from the incident. Pictures, videos, or even just a text log describing the event can help you get your desired outcome in court or avoid a court case entirely. You may also want to get to know an attorney before anything happens so you can call them after calling the police and avoid incriminating yourself or saying anything that might prevent you from getting compensation.

It is important to take every injury seriously and to contact experts who can help to evaluate the effects of the accident or circumstances that caused the injury. Only then can victims be sure of having their lives and rights protected.