Plain watches that are simple timepieces are now passé. We now look forward to smartwatches and fitness bands that can do much more than merely show the time. Our hectic, action-packed lives need that extra that will help us monitor our health and activity while also allowing us to stay connected. There are numerous fitness bands and flooding the market but the newly introduced Helix Gusto comes with some snazzy features and with the quality promise of one of the best watchmakers across the globe – Timex. Add to that the beauty of the Helix Gusto and the smooth finish and here’s the fitness band you have been waiting for all along.

Boasting of all you need in a fitness band

In the present times of fast food and an even faster lifestyle, it becomes very important to work out whenever you can manage to find the time. This could be a workout at the gym before the start of a workday or a short walk between client meetings or could even be a short sprint several times a day. This makes it all the more important to monitor your activity – the steps and distance covered, calories consumed, and sleep and the rate of your heartbeat.

Helix Gusto : Your Perfect Fitness Companion

The Helix Gusto activity trackers come with some cool features that are likely to make them your perfect fitness companion. The basic features include a watch, pedometer, distance and calorie calculator, sleep monitor, and message reminder. These can be synced with the Helix app available on Google Playstore and the iOS app store making them compatible with your iPhone or Android device. They can be calibrated to show SMS and WhatsApp notifications and to receive calls. The HXB2 variant can reject calls and comes with a 0.96-inch screen and a remote camera. The battery life on both variants lasts up to 7 days and these bands are water-resistant making them the perfect all-day wear.

What sets Helix Gusto apart

Helix Gusto HXB1 and Helix Gusto HXB2 are some of the best-looking fitness bands in the market. Both have smooth edges and smart bands. The Gusto HXB1 comes in three color variants – black, cool blue and plum – and the Gusto HXB 2 in black, midnight blue, and aqua. The trackers can be paired with your Android and iPhone for convenience. These are the best watches and fitness bands with these features that you can find for the given price range. The Helix Gusto bands are perfect for just about everyone from a corporate executive to a student, from a serious athlete to a novice.

The Timex promise

Timex is a brand that comes with a promise of watchmaking excellence, precision, and technological superiority. Established in 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut (USA), Timex has a legacy of reliability that is highly valued across the globe. Add to this the fact that both Helix Gusto HXB1 and Helix Gusto HXB2 are extremely affordable. The easy to download Helix application is compatible with all smartphones and is easy to use. Like most watches that carry the Timex brand, Helix Gusto is perfect for all age groups and looks great on both men and women.

When splurging on online wrist watch shopping in India, do add the new Helix Gusto fitness band that even celebs such as Adah Sharma and Priyank Sharma swear by.