Halloween is just around the corner and whilst there are sure to be plenty of sweets and chocolates available, it’ nice to balance them out with a few healthy treats as well. But don’t worry healthy Halloween treats do not have to be boring, far from it, with a little bit of imagination the humble piece of fruit can be transformed into a healthy Halloween treat. With handy fruit deliveries from companies like Fruidel allowing you to get a rainbow of delectable treats, here are just a few ideas you could use for this halloween.

Spiced Pumpkin Biscuits

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some mention of the humble pumpkin, and pumpkin biscuits are the perfect way to use what is often seen as a purely savoury item to make something sweet. There should be plenty of recipes on the internet, check American sites in particular as they are very fond of all things pumpkin. Remember a light hand when working your biscuit dough can help to give you the perfect soft crumbly biscuit.

Orange Fruit Cups

Give a seasonal twist to fruit salad by carefully cutting the top off a nice fresh orange, scoop out the middle, you can either use this in your fruit salad or add it to a smoothie. Then carefully carve a face into the side of the orange peel to create a mini spooky Halloween “lantern”. Use this cup as the perfect Halloween serving dish for a nice fresh fruit salad.

Toffee Apples

These are a huge staple Halloween treat, and as long as you don’t go overboard on the toffee they are not too unhealthy. If you want to make sure you know what is in the toffee then why not make it yourself, then you can control how much of it you use on the apple as well. Sugary and crispy on the outside, with a delicious juicy, slightly sharp, inside – is it any wonder the toffee apple are such a popular Halloween staple.

Simple Fruit Treats for Children

If you are hosting a Halloween party for children, there are plenty of things you can do with fruit that are easy to make but will really look spectacular.

Kiwi fruit makes perfect mini Frankenstein’s; peel a kiwi fruit leaving a little of the peel at the top to look like hair, then create a face using chocolate drops for eyes and pretzel pieces for the arms and a mouth – just push them gently into the fruit to keep them in place.

Bananas make fantastic mini ghosts, simply cut a banana in half across the middle and then add a face using chocolate drops at the rounded end; these are a simple but very effective way to get children to eat more fruit.

Grapes are very versatile as well, using large grapes add a small amount of melted white chocolate to one end, add a blob of milk chocolate and you have a gruesome eyeball. You could also thread grapes onto a skewer to create a “snake”, remember to add chocolate detail to the end grape to make the face.

Don’t just save all your apples for bobbing, they can be used as the base for a couple of spooky treats that kids will love. Red apple wedges can be sandwiched together to create mouths with mini marshmallows for teeth. Or you could just remove strips of peel from an apple and add a couple of eyes to create mummy apples.

With all these great Halloween ideas, there’s no reason to overdose on not so healthy treats come the Witching hour!