You have been wanting to lose weight for a long time now. If only you could get back in shape, you could feel comfortable in your own skin again. You have quite a ways to go before you reach that point, and you have hit another rough plateau. It seems like nothing you are doing works. You have thought about taking drastic measures to spark further weight loss, but your not all that enthused about the prospect of doing something unhealthy. Fortunately, pushing through this plateau might be easier than you think. The following are a few healthy tips to help you gain ground with significant weight loss.


Lipotropic Injections

You have been working out pretty rigorously which is a good thing. The problem is that your weight just will not budge on the scale. This is likely because of a hormone issue that needs to be resolved. When your body is in a state of hormonal imbalance, this can make it difficult for your body to want to give up the weight. Your adrenal activity is high, creatinine cortisol to increase the pounds being packed around your midsection, and your thyroid is sluggish making your metabolism slow down. Lipotropic injections contain important nutrients that helps to fix this problem. By getting the adrenal function to go down, this inversely causes thyroid function to increase. Before you know it, lipotropic injections will have your metabolism up again and burning fat at a rapid rate.


Intermittent Fasting

Part of the formula for weight loss is to lower your caloric intake. Various types of fasting can help you to get into a habit of doing this on a regular basis. Especially when you practice intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting involves skipping meals, such as lunch and dinner, and only eating say breakfast, for example. Although, you can reposition this to one meal a day any way you like, or you can fast for longer periods. While intermittent fasting can be carried out for days on end, a popular variation on the practice is called “the every other day diet”, where you oscillate between fast and feast days. On the fast days, you eat a 500-calorie meal. On the feast days, you eat all you want. Come to find out, research has shown that people typically do not pig out on the feast days, but only eat modestly more than on the fast days. As a result, they start to really lose weight because of the caloric drop that is continuous as long as you stay on the diet.


Stop Over Working out

What you may not realize is that your long, hard workout might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. While it is true that working out burns calories, it is also true that working out too much tears down muscle tissue. Usually, this involves a situation where you do something like many hours of cardio each day, not giving your muscles adequate time to rest and repair. As you lose muscle mass from working out too much, your metabolism will start to slow down accordingly. This, of course, makes it far more difficult for you to lose weight. The reason this happens is because the more muscle mass you have, the greater the number of mitochondria that exists in the cells of your muscle tissues. These mitochondria are actively busy using up fat as energy to keep your muscles tight and functioning properly. When you lose muscle mass, the number of mitochondria goes down, allowing for far less of your body fat to be used for energy to maintain a high metabolism. It is better to workout to build more muscle mass if you want your metabolism to increase.



As you try some new approaches to weight loss, you quickly learn that that plateau you were stuck on was a fond memory. Now, many pounds lighter, you are finding that you are inching closer to being able to feeling comfortable in your own skin once again in public. Of course, all your friends are asking you how you are getting such great results, because many of them have been stuck on a plateau also for quite some time.