A driver’s license could be suspended if you accumulate too many points or are convicted of a serious violation like driving while impaired. In many cases, a suspended license can be reinstated. However, the process of getting it back may vary depending on the reason why it was suspended. Also, it will depend on which state you live in, and so you should most certainly check your particular state’s laws for specifics on how to get your license reinstated. Meanwhile, here are some general tips and information that should apply in most states in the US.

Suspensions May Have a Predetermined End Date

Let’s say that you were convicted of a DUI and had your license suspended for 90 days as part of the sentence. At the end of the 90 days, the DMV could automatically reinstate your license or reinstate it with conditions. However, during the time that your license is suspended, it may be possible to apply for a hardship waiver or conditional license to drive to work or school.

One of the major consequences of losing your license is that you might not be able to keep up with your education or job—many actually have to quit or, even, lose their jobs because they’re unable to drive to and from work. If this is the case for you, consider options such as public transport, coworker carpools, and Uber to help you get to work in the meantime. If this only a temporary condition, your boss might be willing to work with you on making an adjustable schedule or letting you work from home (a possibility in some career fields). If your licensed is suspended for much longer than 90 days—such as a year or two, then you might have to look into employment options that are more local to you and that you could access via foot or bike.

Take Care of Outstanding Tickets or Other Issues

If your license was suspended because of an outstanding traffic ticket, paying the balance owed could result in your license being reinstated immediately. A license may also be reinstated after paying back child support or if you can adequately explain why you failed to show in court.

It May Be Necessary to Buy New Insurance

After a conviction for DUI, you will likely need to purchase SR-22 coverage. This ensures that you are covered in any vehicle that you drive whether you own it or not. If you let your insurance policy lapse while your license was suspended, be sure to buy coverage prior to the end of the suspension date. Without proper insurance, the DMV may refuse to reinstate your license, and it is illegal in all 50 states to drive without auto coverage for any reason.

Talk to an Attorney About Your Options

A DUI attorney may be able to take steps to ensure that your license isn’t suspended by negotiating a plea deal. It may also be possible for your attorney to help you win an acquittal or to have the charge dropped, which would avoid a suspension altogether. If your license is suspended, he or she will talk more about how long it is and what you can do to get it back.

If your license is suspended, it could have a significant impact on your life. It may be difficult or impossible to get to work or school. It could also be hard to take care of your children or to have an active social life. Therefore, it is important to take the steps necessary to avoid a suspension and the impact it may have.