If you are one of the backpackers who loves to explore the corners of the world then you must not skip the city of Bangalore.This city is not just the hub of technology and industrialisation but has a tourism attraction too. The city talks about the rich cultures and history of the area and at the same time, caters the splendours of the contemporary age.

If you visit Bangalore, you should walk through its splendid and beautiful tourist destinations. For your stay, you can look for Hotels near Madiwala. So, don’t you feel that this city deserves a visit? To excite you more, have a look at some of the popular destinations of Bangalore.

Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens

This beautiful botanical garden is one of the most stunning botanical gardens one can witness in the entire country. It was formed by Haider Ali and it was later altered by Tipu Sultan. The splendid Glass House in the stretched gardens was inspired by the London Crystal Palace. Scattered across an extensive 240 acres of land, the garden encompasses more than 1800 species of herbs, plants and trees. The lawn clock situated in thisgarden is the first of its kind in the nation.

Tipu Sultan Fort

When talking about Banglore,Tipu Sultan Fort is the spot that rules the mind. This place is situatedin the most Crammed market area. The fort represents the artistic talent that existed in the eras of past. The fort was originally built by Kempegowda in year 1537 by making use of mud bricks.The place was modified and stretched by Haider Ali, who made use of granite stones inthe procedure.It was Tipu Sultan who finished it in 1791 and it servedas the summer retreat for him.

Cubbon Park Cubbon Park This two-storied structure encompasses carved arches, pillars and balconies. The place represents Islamic chic and one can finda temple of Ganesha too. Such a thing throws the light onspiritual tolerance exhibited by ruler.In case you love to know about the historic facts then you must visit art gallery that exists in this fort. The gallery houses historical paintings, carvings and photos.

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is located in three hundred acres of land. It was built by Richard Sankey who was Chief Engineer of Mysore. The sprawling green parks and the lush lawns that are well maintained Demand special mention. The beautiful Park caters beautiful walk way. This is undoubtedly a perfect place even if you are on your hectic business tour to Bangalore. The spot deserves to be known as a Paradise for the walkers. Once you are in the realm of this park, you can also go through the statues of popular personalities that are situated here. The mesmeric Sites and beautiful environs of this park become even more enthralling during the time of evenings when the lights are on!


Thus, while you are in a holidaying mood, you must go to Bangalore. This city is not going to make you feel disappointed. You will definitely return with amazing memories and enlightenment. Just pack your bags and don’t forget to carry along a camera!