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Depending on the type of mattress one owns, it may need to be replaced every 6 to 12 years. On average, pillowtop mattresses last the least amount of time, and memory foam and latex mattress last the longest. It can be difficult to know when a mattress needs to be replaced, however. Of course, if one notices actual lumps in the mattress or springs, it is certainly time for a replacement.

Other signs that the time is now are a gradual worsening of sleep habits, waking up feeling poorly rested or experiencing joint discomfort upon awakening. When the time comes to choose a new mattress, follow these five tips to find one that meets personalized needs and wears well.

Choose the Right Size

Budget and personal desires play the biggest parts in all aspects of the mattress purchase. The first option to consider is how big the bed needs to be. Twin beds are mostly used for children. While double beds used to be used for married couples, they are not big enough for two people to use comfortably.

Instead, couples should choose between the queen-size and king-size mattress. Queen-size mattresses are good for tighter spaces because the extra 16 inches one would gain can make a big difference in many rooms.

However, those who have the room should definitely consider a king-size mattress. King size bed dimensions provide plenty of space for couples to sprawl out on comfortably and even gives space for family cuddling in the morning.

Consider the Construction

Whereas mattresses with coils and innersprings used to be the traditional options, many people are leaning to the far more comfortable latex, memory foam and hybrid options. Mattresses with innersprings will provide the most bounce and typically come with the lowest price tags. Memory foam mattresses give plenty of support and take pressure off joints. Latex is much like memory foam but is significantly cooler. Hybrid mattresses usually combine latex and memory foam or foam and coils.

Pick a Support Level

Individuals will need to consider their weight and their sleep positions before they choose a soft or firm mattress. Most people prefer mattresses with a medium to medium/firm levels of comfort. However, side sleepers may prefer a significantly softer bed. Any mattress should keep the individual’s spine in good alignment.

Test It out

Individuals should shop at a physical location that will let them try out the bed. Another perk that may be offered is the ability to test it out at home for up to a month with free returns for those who change their minds. One should never purchase a mattress online without one of these guarantees in place because mattresses can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Protect It

Because it is a big investment, every mattress should be protected both physically and financially. Ask if the store offers a waterproof or stain-resistant spray coating. Always use a water-resistant mattress pad, especially on children’s beds. Finally, get a warranty that offers a minimum of five years of full replacement protection. A 10-year warranty is best for high-priced mattresses.

Most people spend around a third of their lives in bed. Therefore, the mattress is one of the greatest purchases in one’s house because it can significantly affect one’s feelings of rest and physical discomfort.

When purchasing a new mattress, individuals should never be afraid to negotiate with salespeople and should always shop around sales dates. This can significantly reduce the cost of this major purchase and add in extras that might not have originally been part of the purchase, such as a bed frame or a set of sheets.