It is frightening to experience a home break-in. What should be done when such a situation has occurred? Do you know what you can do to reduce future break-ins? The following are just a few points for you to consider when it comes to yours and your family’s safety after experiencing a security breach in your home.

Don’t Show off

If you have nice property, it is best to keep it to yourself and trusted friends. When you purchase items for your home, such as high-end electronics or furniture, be aware of your surroundings before unloading them from your vehicle. If you have a garage, pull in and close the garage door before you move your items into your home. Additionally, your packaging should be ripped into a manageable size and put in unmarked containers, either a trash can or opaque bags. With this in mind, you may also want to make sure that expensive items aren’t visible from any front windows. After all, you don’t want potential thieves to be able to see exactly what they’d people able to steal if they were to attempt to do so.


Locks are the first deterrent for any criminal. If you equip your home with high-security locks, you will find that criminals turn from your home, leaving you safe inside. Of course, once you have the locks in place, be sure that you double-check and secure all doors and windows to ensure that the burglar does not have easy access to your home. You don’t necessarily have to install the locks yourself. If needed, you could always call a locksmith, like those at A Carolina Lock Smith.

Make the Burglar Second-Guess

Burglars are less likely to enter a home where they believe the residents are inside. There are many devices on the market that will turn on and off lights, televisions, and other electronic devices periodically making it appear that someone is home when away.

Another suggestion is to inform the potential interloper that you have a security system. A simple security sign in your front yard, even if you do not purchase a security plan, may keep the burglars away. Criminals are unlikely to take the chance because they believe you have security.

Another way to deter burglars is by having a dog. Small dogs are known for being loud and yippy, which could deter a thief from wanting it to sound a barking alarm of their presence. Larger dogs instill fear and hesitancy as they are often perceived to be more aggressive, which is something a thief might not want to have to deal with.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Criminals will use your own home’s beautification to his advantage. High shrubbery, thick and tall floral arrangements, and even unruly trees can all be hiding places for the wily burglar. Trim your hedges short to eliminate a hiding place. Plant your tall flowers around trees or a bench away from your house.

Cars and nooks in your house can also be hiding places. Consider parking your car a little away from your house to keep a clear view between the two. Nooks can hold large pots that take up the entire space, keeping a burglar from using that space to hide.

Keep yourself safe and sound in your home by being proactive in your own security. Motion-detection lights will keep burglars from dark corners.

Knowing what you can do to keep your family and property safe creates a sense of peace. The first step in being safe it being aware of what can happen and reducing the potential for a break in. Do everything you can to keep your world safe and sound.