It can be unsettling when you are driving on the road, and you try to accelerate, only for your car to take time to obey your command and shift the gears. A healthy vehicle will have transmission switching from different gears immediately. A slowdown in transmission should be an indication that your transmission service is overdue. It could also be a sign of greater problems in your vehicle.

The gear shift mechanism involves changing gears in a car during a transmission. Power transmission starts right from the engine to the driveshaft, powering the wheels. Shifting of gears allows you to drive your car with minimum engine strain.  Below are ways that you can fix a shift delay issue.

Check Your Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid acts as a coolant, but it also acts as a lubricate. It protects the internal seals from wearing out and hardening. It should, therefore, be maintained at the right levels, and changed often. Should the fluid also be dark in color or have a rancid smell, have it replaced. Keeping an oil-change record will help you know when a change is overdue. It can helpful to have a planning schedule for checking your record, or even a specific month when you get your car checked out.

Check Valves and Filters

Valves control the flow of car fluids. Exposure to heat, constant vibration of the car, and sticking of the valves to the valve body can make them fail and cause shift delays. Obstruction of transmission filters by debris and dirt reduces the hydraulic pressure of the transmission, preventing the shifts from happening. It can also create other problems in your car, such as a stalled start or worse MPG rates. If this is the problem, visit a transmission shop so the valves and filters can be serviced or replaced.

Replace Worn-Out Gears

The cause of the delayed gear response could be fully mechanical, where the gears are worn out, or the components are broken down. Metal chips or savings, as seen under the hood, indicate gear stripping. If you bought your car used or have had it for a long time, worn out gears are more likely to be the culprit. Under such circumstances, transmission rebuilding is the way to go.

Avoid Overheating the Transmission

Overheating transmission can cause the transmission parts like gaskets and seals to malfunction, gears shift to delay, and significantly reduce the lifespan of your car. It is advisable to avoid behavior that excessive strains the submission, causing it to heat up. Avoid things like rocking your car back and forth, driving long distances in hot weather, or towing heavy loads. Know your car’s limits and strength, and use it accordingly, as much as circumstances allow.

A properly cared for car can also have its transmissions break down and delay the gear shifting. It is, therefore, essential to listen to how your transmission functions. Minor problems and accidents happen, even to the best drivers and most careful car owners. If you notice a problem, have your car checked out as soon as you notice anything odd.